Rec'd a letter from my Dad - need some advice...

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  • WingCommander

    Dear Aging Sperm Donour,

    Hello! Thanks for your message filled with emotional and spiritual blackmail! Always a pleasure to see how truly brainwashed by an man-made cult you are! Have no worry, we will honour your request. In fact, in the near future when you require someone to change your diapers and spoon-feed you, please contact your SPIRITUAL FAMILY via the Elduhz, and not us. After all, Jehovah provides!!!! Go forth, be warm, and well fed.


    Your disinterested unbrainwashed Son.

  • Crazyguy2

    Send them the article in the Awake I think it is about whether it’s ok to have a piñata. Then write some where in it in all caps Hypocrites.

  • DesirousOfChange

    When pressured to respond to something like this, I remind the person (assuming I feel comfortable letting my guard down with the individual) that they are surely aware of some of the serious issues within the Borganization. (Your father would be as an elder.) (1) Million$ lost due to convictions in child abuse lawsuits. (BTW- I pose this as Jah using "Babylon" to punish His Org for their sins.) (2) Obvious errors in past "prophecy" and ridiculous "New Light" to put a bandaid on it.

    My summary: To ME, these issues we are witnessing is the result of apostasy within the higher ranks of the Borg. (Another Ray Franz.) While they may feel they are being loyal by supporting the Borg, but I feel I am being loyal by supporting Jah and Bible principals. (1 Kings 18 -- Elijah did not show loyalty to the Baal worshiping kings/priests. He showed loyalty to Jah.) Based on my Bible Trained Conscience (thanks, Dad) I CANNOT support everything that we both know (but cannot dare mention) is going on in the Borg.


    (BTW -- I don't really believe all that Elijah crap, but THEY do. Make them think about it! And, I have no bad thoughts regarding Ray Franz and his position.)

  • Giordano

    Yes it hurts....but your dad and mom.... are longing for everlasting life. That belief is more important then you.

    You are not part of that deal. You can't be on a paradise earth with them and not believe in the Corporation..... the WTBTS.

    In truth they don't believe in a religion....just a made up corporation that thought becoming an official religion would save them taxes.

    It could have been Amway which would have been a more sane choice..... unfortunately it was the JW' real difference between them they each sold a product door to door. But on family matters one remained part of their family and the other was shunned.

  • BottleGate_

    Total silence. Let their crazy stew.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    It can't be sugar-coated: your dad - and by extension your mother - have decided that your family is now persona non grata.

    You are now regarded as dead to them - just as my JW siblings have colluded to treat me and my wife.

    You have to accept their T&C's and act accordingly. It's the nature of the Warwick beast.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes..Parents like that deserve a letter along the lines of what you said. The JW religion makes people act all high and mighty and in an unnatural way towards the only ones in the world who even care about them - their flesh and blood!

    Reality: These parents can whistle Dixie if they think the JW friends in their congregation are actually going to care for them when they are very aged!..In fact, who knows where these people will even be?..Dead? Moved away?..At the rate things are going with these kingdom hall sales and the JWs becoming an e-religion - those parents might find themselves isolated and marooned..the ultimate kick in the ass from their precious religion!

  • jamiebowers

    Although this is very painful for you now, your parents shunning you will end sooner rather than later. They're in their late 70's and will need help when their health begins failing, and likely no one in the congregation, including your relatives will lift a finger to help.

    My mom has shunned me for 30+ years and is now dying from cancer. And she has sent word to both my brother and me that she would like to see us to choose what we want from her possessions. This is really strange, because she was never a wealthy woman. Neither one of us has directly responded to her. I'm not physically able to travel the three hours it would take to see her. My brother, on the other hand, recently traveled there to see our non-jw aunt and didn't bother to drive the three miles from her house to our mother's home.

    I suspect her motive in seeking us out is to assist in her care, but I'm not certain. From what I understand, there are jw relatives somewhat helping her out, but most of them are elderly and have health problems of their own.

  • Vanderhoven7


    Heart breaking

  • Cadellin

    I'm so sorry. You mentioned in your post that you are a fader, so I assume you are not technically d/f or d/a, right? Yet your family members have taken it upon themselves to treat you as if you are. Isn't that great? I am in a similar position, where members of my family have decided to unofficially d/f me, even though I am technically just "inactive." Oh, the love!!

    Sadly, as others have already commented, nothing you say or do will likely change anything. Being kind and loving when the opportunity arises might well "rake coals upon their heads," as the proverb says.

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