Stephanie Fessler v Watch Tower - Trial on Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017 in Pennsylvania

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    ttdtt: The parties did not settle, though, leading to the trial, which is expected to run five or six days.

    Yes, and her attorney, Jeffrey Fritz, in that same article explained that: "Her main motivation is exposing that the policies of the Watchtower and the Jehovah's Witnesses are not following mandatory reporting laws in Pennsylvania. That's what led to this happening to her, and continuing to happen to other victims within the religion, as well."

    jwleaks: Could be the weather conditions affecting those who plan to observe.

    I wondered that too....

    The OP doesn't seem to have posted ANYthing here since the OP on this thread, some eight days ago now?

    I just think that, having been hyped-up for daily updated, it would have been good to have been told if there had been an issue, either with the case being heard 'in-camera', if there had been reporting restrictions imposed, or if those hoping to attend in person had simply been unable to make it for what ever reason - and that would be very understandable

    What's interesting is there also doesn't seem to be ANY coverage from any (non-JW) news outlets - compare that to the other recent 'trial-by-jury' court case here which had two news report during the actual trial, and a third one when the verdict from the jury was announced.

    I think there has been snow forecast since last weekend - but from all accounts, nothing totally out of the ordinary? aren't they used to snow around there?, and are equiped to handle it and minimize any hold-ups. The live cams look reasonable?

    Below is a live cam showing a major roundabout junction - I believe located just a couple of blocks away from the court house:

    Below is a live cam showing a general view of the downtown area:

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