Why do CO's refuse to strip Elders of their position?

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  • Gorbatchov

    Don't shun corporate man, you need them and they give you money, privileges and loyality. You need them, they need you.

    Ever seen The Firm???


  • Incognito

    While WT claim elders are to behave in certain ways, consider the behaviour of the GB and higher-ups in Bethel. Do they adhere to the claimed standards as an example in which to follow?

    Thinking back to your time as a JW, consider which elders were rewarded with advancement in responsibility and position. Was it elders who were meek and humble, who worried about the welfare of others, or was it those who thought highly of themselves and wanting prominence at the expense of the 'sheep' they were entrusted to sheppard?

    A continual reward for bad behaviour at the congregation level, is a reflection on the corporate culture and attitude in Bethel.

    As with many things in the JW 'religion', actions and behaviour are usually opposite to the examples and requirements Jesus gave on how his followers are to act.

  • DesirousOfChange

    The elders that would do such things are likely those who know that their position is secure. They are the Alpha male elders. The A-Team of Elders. (There is also a B-Team of elders that do the shitty stuff that the A-Team puts off on them.) The A-Team Elders have been in position and have secured that position by sucking up to the CO's and to the other A-Team Elders in the circuit/area. Ask any other A-Team Elders about one of their own, and they will give him total support. Ask any B-Team Elder about an A-Team Elder and he will also give him his full support (for fear that the A-Team will strip him of his B-Team position.)

    It's politics as usual.

  • neverendingjourney

    When I was still a JW, I felt there was something not quite right with the way elders seemed to be favored over the rank and file, but I could never really put my finger on it. The feeling was palpable, though.

    Then after I left, I discovered that there was a special rule for elders who had committed serious sins in the past. Basically, even if they didn't confess, they could remain elders so long as enough time had passed and the "holy spirit showed its approval" or some such nonsense.

    There is also the fact that the elders would agree to send money to the WT every assembly and not tell the rank and file about it (artificially inflated deficits every assembly).

    And the fact that a select number of elders were aware of the kickbacks (free rooms) received by the WT in exchange for funneling the rank and file into select hotels. The rank and file couldn't be trusted with this information, so they were just guilted into using the WT approved list.

    Disdain for the rank and file pervades the entire WT organization. It reminds me of a quote from Crisis of Conscience where Ray Franz quotes another governing body member as saying something along the lines of "the flock can't be trusted to make decisions for themselves" when Ray suggested that a certain matter be left up to each individual's conscience.

  • Tenacious

    days of future passed: this is very true. Even when I still attended, they would practically beg newer members to step up. I depised that phrase "reaching out." But many just did not qualify and those that did were passed over for other reasons. Especially if the current Elders wanted to retain influence over the body.

    sparky1: I can't help it. I would call them worse names but I refrain for the sake of others LOL.

    Anna Marina: I actually saw this video some time ago. I was pretty ticked and was seething. Do you remember that guy that got kicked out of bethel because he wanted to marry? And that poor brother ended up homeless and died on the streets. And then Knorr pulled the same stunt (same scenario) and everyone accepted it? Man that story really boiled my blood. I think I read it in that book by former member I think his last name was Gross. The book was titled The Four Presidents or something.

    My Name is of No Consequence: They need to grow some!! LOL!

    HiddenPimo: Yeah, nobody wants that burden. You and DOFP are in agreement.

    waton: I've was in the organization for almost 40 years. Many of these Elder maggots resembled Nazi soldiers!

    Finkelstein: 1. Lazy rat bastards!

    2. Special rules for specially stupid men. Why bring reproach on "Jehovah" what load of dung!! 3. You hit the nail on the head with this one! Excellent description.

    Jazzbo: Touche!

    Gorbie: Yep! It's the "yes men" that get away with murder. Yeah, love that movie. Cruise was great and so was Hackman.

    Incognito: Well said matey. It was the evil robotic ones that always advanced. The ones with no love towards you but loved the organization.

    DOC: Completely agree. "A" Elders would be great politicians. "B" Elders could be their assistants.

    neverendingjourney: Yeah, the way they were treated was also something that helped me wake up. My thinking was there was rules for the R&F and rules for them. Finkelstein is right on point with this one. And yes, they would come up with some nonsense to pardon them and have them retain their position. There were some that I noticed would go a couple of months with no participation at all. That's when I kinda had a feeling they had been reprimanded. But that was about it. Completely ridiculous! Oh yeah, they love the attention and perks of being "elders." There were some who I wouldn't piss on even if they were on fire! LOL!

  • LongHairGal


    It’s probably because there aren’t enough men.. However, I really didn’t like the elders once I got a good look at the whole thing...I wasn’t going to tolerate anybody’s intrusiveness.👎🏻

    As far as the JW religion’s general attitude of contempt for the rank & file:..it serves them right that so many JWs are leaving.. Maybe at some point the religion will be left with none.

  • Tenacious

    @ LongHairGal:

    I sincerely hope the exodus continues. I believe it will and will only increase in scope.

    The internet was something they could not control LOL!

  • OnTheWayOut

    A combination of things already said.

    They don't have men standing by ready to replace elders. They don't have retirement plans, so they want green handshakes and favorable welcomes at each congregation.

    Many do support kindred spirits among elders, or at least know that firing elders is a difficult process that leaves a man who knows much about the flaws of the congregation fighting for position.

  • wozza

    This type of thing is human behaviour ,just the same in , say, the working environment and shows there is NO holy spirit working thru the WTS.

    I think many JW's have experienced double standards but they are too fearful to stand up because they know the consequences.

    I have written here before how this has happened to me and the reason that the elders and CO did nothing is fear ,fear of the bad elder revealing shit about them. So very human.

  • smiddy3

    Ego is a big factor in someone wanting to be an Elder and once made , to continue being one even to the point of suppressing doubts and witnessing flaws in the Eldership arrangement.

    Its not something they are going to relinquish easily if they can help it.

    As has been suggested in previous comments.

    They are big fish in a little pond ,in reality they are on the whole nobody`s where else are they going to get the attention and respect from a group of people who look up to them as if they are something special and in some cases are put on a pedestal.

    To most of the R&F if you are an Elder you are given the reverence of a priest in christendom .

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