Cart witnessing in the quietest in my suburb.

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  • eyeuse2badub

    The word PRIVILEGE is and interesting word that definitely means different things to different people. Even though jw's say that they consider it a "privilege" to stand silently while doing the 'cart work', I truly believe that 99% of them are freaking embarrassed to be standing there doing 'nothing'. If I were still a jw, I would not do cart work. I know sisters that are commuter bethelites. They consider it a "privilege" to clean the sh*tty toilets at Warwicked! Holy crap me thinks!

    just saying!

  • ToesUp

    Maybe if they keep telling themselves that all these things are "privileges" they will start to actually believe it.

  • steve2

    Toes up - they have used the word "privilege" in the context of door-to-door work for decades - it won't be surprising if they have already called the cart work "a privilege".

    Slaves need to be reminded what a privilege it is to serve their earthly masters.

  • stuckinarut2

    In our part of the world, (a smaller town on the fringe of the suburbs), they set up a cart on a lonely bicycle and walking track.

    Only a very small number of people pass by - usually people riding bikes, or going for a run.

    They seriously look stupid. No one talks to them. People deliberately walk AROUND them!

    But with the 2 or 3 witnesses sitting there, they can add up to 6 hours to the "worldwide work"

  • pale.emperor

    Only this week in Liverpool we've had the Hari Krishna's banging a drum, singing, jingling bells. People go "whats that? Oh, the Hari Krishnas".

    Then the guys shouting about Jesus and hellfire. "Who's that? Oh, the Born Again's".

    JW Cart and silence... "Who's that?.... I dunno. Who cares?"

  • pepperheart

    That sounds like a win win

    the drones get their hours in and the watchtower dont need to pay for any new mags or books.

    Pete zhahut the reason the cart was full of just magazines might have been because they had no old books or mags left to give out.The watchtower and awake are both undated now so they could use the same mags for months or even years

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Ha, so funny. I've yet to see a cart, so am actually looking forward to seeing one "in action," ha!

    PunkofNice, I remember reading the word "lugubrious" while pre-studying for the Watchtower, and looking up the definition in the dictionary (you know, doing "serious research"!! LOL)

    The word "lugubr
    ious" even became a real conversation item in our Kingdom Hall, with elders and ministerial servants talking about it. It became well-used in conversations for a while following that Watchtower study article (from the 80's? 90's? The article was about funerals, re: "worldy" vs. JW...)

    Anyway, I do thank the Watchtower Society for giving us that great word.
    It totally describes THEM..!!! hahaha.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    The only cart I've seen, was in San Francisco. They were right in the middle of tourists, beaming with big smiles. These were not the shrinking violets that most everyone has been talking about. I think the Brother was enjoying the attention cause he actively engaged people.

    So there is always a rogue JW willing to go the extra "smile" despite what the guidelines are. Unless of course, the powers above decided that San Fran was a great place to actively barker their wares.

  • snugglebunny

    Today I walked past a JW cart set up in the foyer of a closed-down British Home stores in our local High Street. There were 3 of them in charge, just stood there talking amongst themselves. I saw them on the way in to do our shopping, and on the way back, an hour later. Then I thought Gosh! That's 3 hours spent in service to go down on their report cards and to ultimately finish up as part of the total in the UK yearbook. Just stood around doing nothing.

    And they call that witnessing!

    Easy life...

  • jookbeard
    another funny sight at the weekend as I walked down the high street of my neighbouring town with my young kids (they have no idea nor could even appreciate my past) ,the apathy cart was visible with 3 jw's there gossiping away as usual a few yards further up was a young black kid dressed in a suit screaming like a lunatic some evangelical crap the louder it got the more sheepish the jw's were and they seemed to try to hide behind the cart! , when we came back they were gone, the born again Christian loon was still there!

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