Books I read when I deprogrammed

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    I agree with Sail Away and another poster who stated Steve Hassan's 3 books really helped them. In fact I would say that Steve Hassan's books helped me move on from the JW cult even more so than Ray Franz's books- Franz's books just confirmed my suspicions about what was going on behind the scenes at WT headquarters- Hassan's books helped me to understand HOW the WT Society was able to pull off the mind control over us- helped me understand the whole psychology behind mind control.

    I feel Hassan's books are a MUST read for every exiting JW to thoroughly understand how they were duped . It also helps a person understand that ANYBODY can be mind controlled and assisted me to forgive myself for taking until age 44 to wake up and exit.

    Steve Hassan's 3 books are : 1. Combatting Cult Mind Control copyright 1990 2. Releasing the Bonds- Empowering People to Think for Themselves copyright 2000 3. Freedom of Mind - Helping Loved Ones Leave Controlling People, Cults and Beliefs.

    I feel that if more exiting JW's and DFed JW's read Hassan's books they would be less inclined to go back to the WT organization Jehovah's Witnesses as they would see the reality of WT mind control techniques and be aware of how they were deceived. I find it amazing many times that an ex-JW can still be under WT mind control YEARS after leaving the JW cult. To me- it always comes back to not informing or educating themselves about the reality of how serious WT mind control has infected their minds. Once a person is aware of it and admits it- only then can they move on in life- in my opinion

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