Top Ten List of What Happens Next...

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  • Farmer Jim1
    Farmer Jim1

    What does everyone think will happen next on the back of the coronavirus pandemic?

    These are my suggestions;

    1) Coronavirus will have a disproportionate effect on JW ‘growth’ countries like in South America and Africa. Many JWs there will die.

    2) JWs on the fringes in western countries will not want to physically go back to meetings and attendances will drop.

    3) When the field ministry starts up again there will be a reluctance from a minority of JWs and some of these will either become inactive or fabricate more ministry hours (inactivity for beginners).

    4) JW numbers may experience localised increases in some areas due to pandemic scenario/end time rhetoric.

    5) Recession = Less contributions

    6) Because of above the Kingdom Hall consolidation programme increase in speed. More hall sold.

    7) GB has to find a new ‘shiny bit of paper’ to distract JWs when reality bites. They’ve already done it with the music and JW broadcasting so maybe a reduction in pioneer hours? A big announcement they’ve been storing up for times like this?

    8) A little bit more speculative- they will get rid of C.Os. Why pay for them? What do they actually achieve for the organisation?

    9) Maybe more ‘out there’- GB will make suggested direct debit amounts that JWs should set up.

    10) long shot- all halls get sold and they go back to meeting in smaller groups in homes. Let’s face it they need the cash.

    tell me what you think and give us your predictions

  • LongHairGal


    You’ve got some good ideas.

    No 5: is the most certain. A Recession definitely means less money...Not so sure about No. 9..They can make all the suggestions they want about how much $$ people should give..but people out-of-work aren’t giving them sh#t.

    No 8: possibly a reduction in JW personnel (fewer COs); and No 10: more halls possibly will be sold maybe not all.

    Nos. 2 & 3 are definitely possible. People may not want to physically go back to the meetings and actual field service as well. Some of these JWs were would-be faders anyway. Others might have been turned off by the intrusiveness of the Zoom meetings.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    They won't get rid of COs. They are a vital link in the chain of absolving the org from any and all responsibility and liability.

    Elders, pioneers and others are appointed by COs. Officially because that's how they rolled in the NT too. But we all know they don't want the branch to suffer backlash if an elder or pioneer does something criminal.

    So my bet is that COs will stay for a loooong time. But they may move entirety to part-time COs: elders that serve in their own congregation, and go bully other congregations a few weeks per year. Basically the substitute-CO thing.

  • Fadeaway1962

    Agree with 1-4 about growth, meeting attendance, field service and local increase but we can be sure the GB will put a spin on the numbers that there has been growth in numbers in all aspects showing jahs still blessings them in the last of the last of the last days

  • thedepressedsoul

    I think the two biggest things we’ll see is JW don’t want to go back to halls and don’t want to go back to door to door.

    I’ve already heard from a lot of JW that they hope we never go back to door to door. I can actually see that happening now where that never starts up again.

    The GB has put so much fear into JW that they shot themselves in the foot. JW are terrified to go out and do anything now. How are you going to get them back into a hall?

    I’ve heard many say they won’t go back until there’s a vaccine.

    I don’t see how they can go back. It’s all older, unhealthy people. Non of them took care of themselves because they thought they’d never die and the end would come.

    They've really shot themselves in the foot over the years. Whoever is running this show has no idea what they’re doing.

  • WTWizard

    Even looking beyond the microchips we are all getting, they will start hacking about how people need to not let such a little thing as coronavirus stop them from going back in field circus. Remember, when they go back door to door, there will be quite a few that successfully holed up against it and never got exposed to it. Some of those will have immune systems that have degraded because they got no exposure to germs at all or because all that hand sanitizer poisoned it. So, when the jokehovians come to those doors, they are only going to expose them to coronavirus. And some of them will die from this or the complications thereof.

    Financially, they are probably going to start being more intrusive. This applies to food and supplies--if you have something they deem useful to joke-hova, they expect you to turn it in. They know how much you are making--if you get another stimulus check, they know how much it is and will be expecting a donation equal to the whole thing (never mind that they need it for their own bills). Trust in joke-hova is the mantra--I heard that line of rubbish even more than the "social distancing" and "flatten the curve" lines. And trusting in joke-hova is the worse of the bunch--if I have money and bills in hand, I would rather use the money to pay down or off the bills instead of throwing it all away. And I expect the hounders to be on top of who is returning to work--by how much field circus they do. If they do anything less than 200 hours a month, they are expected to donate.

    As for me, they are getting nothing. I might have been exposed to coronavirus and be taking enough vitamins and supplements to make it next to impossible to get very sick from this. But I understand that old, sick people that lack resources to get vitamins do not have that luxury. Do I want to go spread a message that is designed to harvest their souls, and give them a disease that they are likely to die or get very sick from? And I will go back to normal silver buying before I donate anything to this rotten religion--I have cut back due to uncertainties of my income, a silver shortage, and because food will be more important than my 2201st ounce of silver if a famine fully manifests. Which they will be informed, in German, that I will not be disclosing any of the above to the jokehovian witlesses.

  • LongHairGal


    The JW religion is already as intrusive as hell in all things, so financially it goes without saying! Too bad their members’ sensibilities have been so eroded they will agree to anything!

    Certainly food would become more important than money if a famine were to occur. With regard to food and supplies, the religion has already become intrusive to their members - wanting lists of what people have in their cabinets at home!..If anybody were to ask ME such outrageous questions, they would be told in plain English that it’s none of their freakin’ business.

  • Italiancalipso

    The 5th for sure! Here already local need about it...and we are still in phase 2 people unemployed or still waiting for help from government....really no shame


  • BourneIdentity

    I don’t know why the GB doesn’t decide to sell off all KHs worldwide. Look what happened in Russia, all assets were confiscated, WT lost all that money. If they believe this is going to happen worldwide, since were in the final seconds of the last minute of the last hour of the last days, wouldn’t it make the most sense? By keeping all the properties, it’s living proof they don’t ever believe that is going to happen.

  • Finkelstein

    Governments are starting to remove restrictions toward large gatherings like religious groups at the their designated churches etc. when this happens the JWS will rejoin and the Fear, Obligation and Guilt and will be reinserted.

    Many JWs like going to meetings because its "their" designated social group, so they would be glad to see and get reacquainted with one and another.

    One thing that might happen if there is going to be a financial recession it may impose stress onto people to give less donations to the Org.

    That's not going to necessarily hurt the WTS for now since its still sitting on the millions from the sale of properties it has owed.

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