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  • Sabin

    I was working one day, had a couple of male customers to serve when this lady walks in & offers me a track on her religion, my answer without thinking " I already know what the bible say's, I'm one of JW's". she just threw me a dirty look & the two guy's just looked down & said nothing. I just carried on, served them as nothing had happened.

    Anyway, I've done quite abit of business territory didn't mind it to much, hell I even went in to a brothel. That was fun, I think the madam thought I was there for a job which is why I got let in, you should have seen the look o her face when I plopped out the W.t & Awake mags. LOL. Today I thought about it & realised it is actually really rude to walk in to places of work & interrupt the employee's. No wonder employer's get pissed off. You got any experiences or thought's on the subject?

  • Ding

    My thoughts are:

    1. There is much that the Bible says that JWs don't know at all.

    2. If a customer actually transacts business, I see nothing wrong with casually offering an employee a tract on the way out, but to interrupt the business solely to witness to employees or patrons is wrong.

  • Athanasius

    Don't know how the JWs approach business territory these days, but back in the 1970s we would ask to see the owner or the manager of the business first. We'd explain our reason for calling and if he or she had an objection to us talking with the employees. If they weren't interested and objected to us talking to their employees, we'd leave and go on the the next establishment.

    We placed a lot of magazines in business territory.

  • rebel8


    They even had a manipulative tactic to stroke the ego of the staff first. You were supposed to pick out 1 person who looked like he was a line staff member and ask, "Are you the manager?"

    That was supposed to make that person think, "Oooh la la, he thinks I'm the manager. I must look important. Go me." And then that would soften the person up to the preaching as soon as the real manager ok'd you talking to them.

  • prologos
    I always thought is was brazen conduct to invade a private dedicated space to peddle papers. but hey, Rutherford was introduced to the wt affront that way, and he took it to another level. Brazen conduct.
  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    " I even went in to a brothel. That was fun,"

    Me too, but it was nothing to do with JW stuff. Just fun.

  • Diogenesister
    Wierd /\
  • talesin

    I find it a bit shocking. I was a JW in the 70s, and that was not practiced in this region. unless it came in the 80s.

    That would be socially unacceptable here in the boonies, and I can't imagine what kind of reception they would get. Probably something akin to, "Are you out of your fookin' mind?!"

    : D


  • Zoos

    I never did business territory. They kept trying to push it and even asked me directly to participate but I always had "other calls" to do.

    Even as a kid I thought it was in poor taste to interrupt business like that. I was a regular auxiliary drone back in high school, always looking for hours. But I refused to do business work.

  • nowwhat?
    Our congregation started emphasizing it about 10 years ago. Now every business in our city has a "no solicitation" sign on the door! lol!

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