Latest son of thunder video on YouTube and the 07 letter to the elders.

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  • Crazyguy

    Finally glad we're discussing this letter, after listening to it word for word on Mike and Kim 's YouTube channel I'm not so sure it's genuine. It sounds a bit different and more blunt then others ones we know were from the WT, of course this letter came off of a German website similar to but in the German language. I may try to contact the person hosting this website and see if there's anyway to authenticate the letter.

  • jp1692

    Crazyguy: We are not discussing "the letter," at least not the one that you claim "son of thunder" referred to in an as yet unidentified YouTube video for which you won't provide a link or even a title.

    What we are discussing is the fact that you haven't provided a link to it any evidence of said "letter."

  • jp1692

    CG: on the first page of this thread, Wizzstick posted a video nine hours ago saying she/he thought that might be the video you were referring to in your OP. Is it?

    While we are on the subject of letters to "all bodies of elders," did you read the October 1, 2012 letter I linked on the previous page? It will answer both of the questions you asked on your OP.

  • darkspilver

    FWIW, below is the English translation that the video uses - unedited by me, so it should include all of the grammatical errors aswell:

    Dear Brothers

    In the past years enemies and apostates have once again tried to discredit Jehovah's faithful servants through false allegations in child abuse. as you know we are always striving to uphold and maintain purity within Jehovah's congregation. Jehovah himself gave us appropriate instructions. in some certain cases, this has led to the application of biblical measures but the otherwise demands of authorities could not be respected. While we usually work closely with the law enforcement agencies it is also our godly obligation to protect the congregations from Satan's attacks. These attacks may also take the form of investigations directed at Jehovah's organization therefore we request that you review your congregation documents to isolate any documentation related to elder's meetings or judicial meetings pertaining to CONCRETE cases or suspicions of child abuse. Also include from your own personal files any pertinent documents. Please submit to us all your documents by February and There shall not be any records or copies maintained in the congregation's record supply nor any personal files. We will then collect these confidential documents for destruction. And maintain no copies of this letter for your congregation record.

    With you we seek to continuously do Jehovah's will your brothers

    In addition, below is a copy of the German letter as shown in the video:

  • StephaneLaliberte

    This doesn't sound "real" to me. However, here's one possibility:

    WT could actually be responsible for this type of "miss information". They could produce false letters and release them on apostate forums. This way, when troubled brothers, sisters or individuals reports these letters, the false letter can easily be exposed for what it is, a fraud. This will discredit any letters found on the web. Results? Even real leaked letter containing shocking information will be viewed as forgery, thereby feeding the false claim that most apostates lie and deceive people for their personal benefit.

    In the end, the only ones to know for sure will be the elders.

    Some buzz words come to mind: False news, info wars, theocratic warfare, propaganda, counter spying operations.

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