Latest son of thunder video on YouTube and the 07 letter to the elders.

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  • Crazyguy

    John Davis , if you look at my first post it was asking questions concerning this letter talked about on a YouTube channel, I wasn't assuming it a real letter or anything . I made this thread so it could be discussed. THIS thread is not about me or my credibility, it's whether this letter is credible and iF so is it the most balatant example of the cult trying to cover up child abuse?! Please let's just concentrate on this!

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    I never pointed you out as being right or wrong. Some people here have said oh this needs to go to zalkin or the arc because people want it to be real. It is just a reminder people have to look for credible evidence not just evidence.

  • sparrowdown

    Maybe Zalkin would like to determine if it's real. Not that a letter for German elders would help in the US, but it's possible people like Mr Zalkin would appreciate a heads up on letters like this exisiting and the mindset of WT.

  • John Davis
  • jp1692

    CG: if you look at my first post it was asking questions concerning this letter talked about on a YouTube channel

    Which letter?

    Seriously. You want us to talk about an undated, vaguely referenced, ten year old letter someone (you didn't actually mention WHO authored or sent the letter, although you did refer to WT in your OP) sent to elders in Germany. And you know about this because someone identified as "son of thunder" apparently posted a video on YouTube and talked about it. But you didn't bother to provide links or details for any of this. Do you expect us to search for it?

    CG: it's whether this letter is credible

    What letter? Oh, the one you didn't post a link or any reference to other than your thread title: "Latest son of thunder video on YouTube and the 07 letter to the elders." And according to your own thread title, that letter is ten years old. Hardly recent.

    Also, it's not as if YouTube has any vetting process for reliability or credibility. Anyone can post pretty much anything on YouTube.

  • jp1692

    Darkspilver, thanks for posting those links from The Girl Next Door.

  • jp1692

    Sorry John Davis, but your letter is a fake!

    You almost had me, yes you did. I was on my knees praying in the general direction of the Pacific Ocean to you my new King, but then it hit me: It's a fake! Fake news. Fake, fake, fake!

    Oh, you're a clever one. But you couldn't fool me.

    You wanna know how I know your letter is fake? Because the real ones from the CCoJW's always say "warm Christian love" in the closing, even after talking about child sexual abuse.

    You left out the "warm" part and it gave you away as an imposter.

    Seriously, every time I read one of those letters when I was an elder, it always made me want to throw up a little in my mouth. It's kind of creepy the way they say that: "With this letter we send our warm Christian love and best wishes."

  • jp1692

    FYI: Here's a link to a REAL letter from the US Branch (Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses) to all bodies of elders under the direction/control of the US Branch:

    This six page letter has 26 bullet points for elders concerning what the branch wants them to do whenever an question comes up that might involve child abuse.

    Notice the first one:

    This letter updates the letters to all bodies of elders regarding child abuse dated March 23, 1992; February 3, 1993; August 1, 1995; March 14, 1997; July 20, 1998; May 24, 2002; April 1, 2004; June 5, 2006; and May 24, 2010. Those letters should be removed from the congregation permanent file of policy letters and be destroyed. No one should keep originals or copies of any of those letters.- [Italics in the original; bold emphasis added.]

    Note the elders were instructed to destroy nine previous policy letters concerning child abuse. Nine letters covering more than eight years!

    Careful readers of the entire letter will note that the elders are not instructed to call the authorities, but to "immediately call the [WTBTS's] Legal Department for legal advice" and let the anonymous person on the other end tell them what to do.

    Please leave your conscience and personal integrity at the door, Brother Elder. You won't be needing either of those here.

  • vienne

    Can we see a scan of the original German language letter?

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    It is also to be noted for the most part even if Watchtower did say to destroy all records of this, this is still not illegal for the most part. For the most parts of the world, they are not bound to keep any records on any of those activities. It is kept for the internal functions of their activities. Even an employer doesn't have to keep records of their employees other than what is required by law if they destroy paperwork they just can't use it defend themselves in a court action.

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