What Type of Elder Body Did You Have?

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  • minimus

    question… How did anyone know that a pioneer was using sex toys in the first place? What an embarrassing meeting that must've been!

    Regarding the body of elders that was "" loose…… The circuit overseer removed The liberal elders. Eventually you'll be exposed and removed if you try to be more liberal than the watchtower want you to be

  • punkofnice

    I've noticed:

    Bro Reluctant - He's your favourite uncle(but not a touching uncle).

    Bro Passive-Aggressive - He will bully anyone he can.

    Bro R Slicker - The sycophant that will obey all the man made rules (except follow Christ). This twat probably sits at the front of the kingdum hell and nods in agreement to the WBT$ propaganda.

    Bro Touchy - He touches kids because he knows the WBT$ will protect him.

    Bro Dynamic - What a twat!

  • Giordano

    What type of Elder body did you have? In my case a tad bit flabby.

  • BluesBrother

    It depends, I served on several . If I think back to the early days in the seventies the men were great....even if misguided in beliefs. They were older than me.. men who had been through WW2, lived a lot and we interpreted The Society's instructions with liberalism and a dash of common sense. They may have had no formal qualifications but as organiizers with a caring heart - they had no equal.

    As time went by of course that changed . I went to a small town cong. Where they were terrible.... so bad that they closed that one down and merged it..just after I had left.. after that it was never as good The born-ins were taking over with a much more closed mind approach . It was "do as your told" and " the Society must be obeyed" in the smallest detail.

    Afer I moved again to another small town ( we never learned) that one was so bad . We had the reluctant leader , the resentful ambitious leader in waiting.., the follower who did not dare use his own brain, another one with ability and class whom the others disliked and conspired to stab in the back to be rid of ...and me, whom they all disagreed with all the time.

    At that time I woke up to the TATT , and faded , resigning....thank goodness

  • joe134cd

    I knew of one PO who had the nick name Charles the hit man Glendening. Go figure on that one.

  • freddo

    I knew of one PO - first name Norman. Nickname "Stormin' Norman".

    The type that thought the PO was the Congregation Servant. Ruled with an iron fist.

    Happily deceased for many years now. Wife soon remarried and moved away. Daughter was nuts anyway and son topped himself.

    Tragic family that dragged others along in their miserable mental delusion.

  • minimus

    BB, I agrees that the all-time was back in the 60s and 70s were basically good men. Once the so-called apostasy started in 1980 all things went haywire. If you ever have a thought of something that was not quite in line with what the society had said you could never mentioned it

  • Phizzy

    I agree Min, and thanks for pointing that out, I had observed how things had changed from the early eighties, but never realised that it was fear that changed everything.

    A few strong minded and somewhat independent thinking Elders kept things reasonable in my Congo up until the end of the 90's, then gradually the Congo began to be more like any other, especially as it grew in size, just, thankfully, lacking any real Nazi type Elders.

    Mind you, two of 'em tried twice to nail me for Apostasy.

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