What Type of Elder Body Did You Have?

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  • sparrowdown

    All the usual BOEs with all the usual suspects.

    Bro Super Righteous

    Bro Everybody's Pal (while getting the dirt on you.)

    Bro Snoozefest Speaker

    Bro Honorary Old Guy (see above)

    Bro Local Mafia

    Bro Petty Tyrant

    Bro Tryhard Suck Up

    Bro Pussywhipped

  • LongHairGal


    The elders I remember were conservative. Some had more approachable personalities than others.

    Whether they were good, bad or indifferent though - none really cared about single women except to target them to do favors. Sadly, this was the pattern I saw if you were a single woman with no family there. You were fair game... But, I knew I had to look out for myself and these men got a resounding "NO" from me.

  • steve2

    Patronizing, wilfully ignorant and dispensing judgements with no sense of their grave responsibility over other people's lives.

  • Chook

    I've been in congs with serious deluded elders I will give a list of endearing qualities verse psycho traits.

    Ian total fruit loop had a physical scuffle with a ms at hall, he asked everyone to take out song book during meeting and said can you open front cover and tell me who has my song book. He pioneered for 30 years so got away with his radical behaviour until he put his dick in a brothers wife. His job was musician. Endearing qualities is he is made in gods image.

    Tony was a Dutch thug who beat his wife and beat the publishers , he set up an open judicial committee which he announced from platform. Just put the words German Dutch Italian in search bar, second article will give insight to the craziest meeting I've ever attended .Dutchy was a carpenter. Endearing quality in hindsight is I never seen him preaching.

    Ben was a total nut job, he was late 40s when I met him, he moved house every few years which hindered his eldership endevours and was totally dedicated to the cult. The was a ms who could never make the grade of elder because as soon as he spoke you knew there was big mental issues, common sense prevailed as to appointing him until he moved into my cong. His wife took emblems , of his two good looking boys one was on a bipolar pension. Window cleaning Ben done a deal with one of our elders Grant if he moved to our small isolated cong Grant would make him elder. I was so fortunate that they made him an elder and he left cong within two weeks of his appointment. God has sent that total fruitloop to damage some unfortunate cong . Whenever he did a talk or commented during meetings he had to always mention his dead dads life story I mean every single time he commented. Damaged goods is now on a mission to fix people now who are far more saner than he is.

    Graham was a PO in a cong that went from 100 publishers to 8 in a eight year period. Because most brothers rented in this area and Graham owned his modest house, he ended up ruling this place with no outside protection for the flock. Most dry cold hearted people I've ever met , hospitality was non existent. This was a cold area of Australia which needed heaps of heating. I measured temp at meeting one day it started at 8 degrees C and at end of meeting 15 degrees C. I approach this dickhead and ask about the heating problem, oldies were shivering and bringing blankets . Graham says the society is worried about the greenhouse affect so we can contribute by freezing. I say do you need more money for heating to which he responded it's not a money issue. I say that you coming in a car to meetings harms the greenhouse, but how can you reason with a bloke who single handidly destroyed a cong.

    Im sick of writing today but I could have given a summary on dozens of Jw priests , but I'm preaching to the converted here by relaying all the stories that these elders have done to the innocent.

  • silentbuddha

    I hate to break the mold but the body I served on was hella loose and allowed alot of things that ultimately resulted in the c.o. removing two.

    I was told I would be removed for not enforcing rules on a pioneer sister who was using sex toys.our p.o. later got removed because his son was weed head and the secretary was rich and let his 2 dfed kids move back in.

    A pack of demons.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I found the elders in my congregation to be pretty normal. But then, I didn't get into trouble or go around much with them.

    But there was this one elder who was an ex bethelite and was pretty hyper. He always seemed nice but was "extra" spiritual and made you feel pressured. At one time, he did the ministry school and I had a talk in the main hall. I hated writing talks and would do them over and over again. It was a real struggle to do it all and so I would often do the easiest settings. Well at that time, the WT made it even harder on the sisters by making a long list of settings that we HAD to use at least once before we could repeat. Crappy no good jerks who never had to write a householders part too. I couldn't do anything other than the standard setting and I had done it before. So as I sit down at the table, he announces a totally different setting. It doesn't fit the talk. Afterwards he explains that I needed to use the other settings and so he took care of it for me.

    So the next time I gave a talk, I asked another elder if my talk was ok and explained what had happened before. He looked concerned. Next time the CO came, the elder was removed from being the ministry school overseer. Next meeting he humbly admits (in a uber dub way) that he was removed because he sat in the audience while a brother would give a talk, and hold up a sign saying "1 min to wrap up" "30 seconds" etc. He was policing everyone to make sure they followed the rules to a T.

  • punkofnice

    I was an elder. The last CoBE we had was a narcissistic passive aggressive type. His right hand man was a mouthy self important sycophant. I was stupid enough to believe that Christian love should always prevail.

    When I left the slaveholdery of the WBT$, Bro sycophant had the gaul to tell my mother, 'we never liked him!' (meaning me). For protection purposes as my Mum is still going to meetings, I won't reveal what her reaction was.

  • pale.emperor

    The Gardiner - A no bullshit, straight talking, old school elder. This guys swears as part of his normal vocabulary but for some reason was never taken to task over it. Unapproachable, unlikable and would think nothing of telling your wife and kids off in front of you.

    The Other Gardiner -The wealthy elder that disobeyed the GB by going to University in the 1990s and managed to have a good career lecturing/teaching botany. Now retired from that he's a Gardiner but doesn't really need to work at all. He's in "the clique".

    The Bus Driver - Woahfully uneducated in other religions, nice enough man and more down to earth than most elders. He's best friends with The Poser (below) and is in "the clique".

    The Poser - Sure, his wife is clinically depressed, but his young kids are super well behaved at meetings and conventions (staring forward at all times, WT studied, pads full of notes, must be seated by the time music starts). This guy is the center of "the clique". From personal experience i've been at a dinner table with this guy, the bus driver and the other Gardiner and they've laughed and talked about JCs they've been on. Shared all the details with the table. He's a dick.

    The Window Washer -Fresh out of Bethel. He's one of those rare finds that converted to JW-ism in his teens and is naive to how The Borg actually doesnt have anyone elses best interests at heart. Nice guy, but he's in "the clique" so no chance of you two becoming friends.

    The Teacher - This one actually had been to university and taught sign language at a deaf school. Nice enough bloke. In "the clique" because he's young and his wife is hot.

  • karter

    Elder with short mans syndrome used to pick on my mother as my father was never a J.W.However my mother came from a fairly rough background and wouldn't take any s##t from him and they clashed.....want to council her on anything...make sure you have your facts rite as she wouldn't just lie down and die.

    Elder that liked to lord it over everyone.Had the book study at my place now and then we would have refreshments after the book study that i stopped because i got sick of food being spilt into my carpet.Elder lord it over decided that seeing our book study was being split up he announced there would be a supper after next weeks book study and everyone to bring a plate.

    Everyone that arrived with a plate of food i politely asked them to take it back to their car....Elder lord it over said nothing...neither did i..i didn't have too.


  • minimus

    I love this thread!

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