Atheists - How Did You Become An Atheist After Waking Up?

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  • Simon

    As part of leaving I read a lot about the bible and religion in general and you start to see the pattern of fakery and invention repeated over and over. There is a whole industry of superstition and spirituality being used to fleece and control people and once you see through a gap in the wall and whats on the other side, you can't move your view to look at another section of wall and think there's nothing behind it. The wall is the same whichever brick you stare at.

    I also learned a lot about science and evolution and you simply can't reconcile the natural processes and evidence with any of the religious explanations. Disney stories are really as believable as the crap in the bible (and they both have talking donkeys!)

  • Dagney
    • After decades spent as a JW, and being able to make sense of a sky-daddy that was both loving and murderous (as I always sucked to be a Canaanite), I finally got mad at god.
    • Read Hitchins, saw Dawkins speak at JPL, read some suggested books on the weird things in the bible that never made sense.
    • Had great convos with exJW's, besty comes to mind.
    • Stopped believing and it had no impact on my life.
    • Had a profound moment at a science museum that had Sue the T-Rex on tour. The guide let me hold a fossilized dinosaur egg, and I started to cry. Years of crap avoidance of science just fell at my feet. I was done.

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