Would You Stop Buying A Product Because of Political Differences?

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  • Jehalapeno
    Conversely, would you give business to a company because you liked their political stand on a matter?
    I have often shopped somewhere not because I agree with the politics, but because the people boycotting the place are utter cnts.
    I dont agree with the ChickFilA executives’ stance on gay marriage, but I think the people calling for a boycott are just as toxic to society. So I shop and ChickFilA in order to thwart toxic movements.
    Same with Jimmy John’s. I love Jimmy John’s food and think people upset about his big game hunting are overreacting by boycotting his business.
    What people don’t understand is that boycotts don’t hurt the executives. These executives have plenty of cash. The boycotts hurt the lower class and middle class that works for these companies and enjoys their products.
  • blondie

    I don't buy any products intended for women to purchase that are 1) in a pink package and/or 2) cost more than the equivalent male product. I hate it when parents or society tell a girl that pink is her color and blue is only for a boy. I knew a mother who loved blue and dressed her daughter in blue when she was a baby. She finally got tired of people coming up and telling what a cute baby boy she had, She finally put a tag on the baby, I'm a girl.


  • LV101

    I had a friend who refused to buy women's sweaters because so overpriced compared to mens (even designer and good quality). She'd buy men's sweaters and wear them -- over the top to me but she was very feminine and pulled it off. I think these inflated prices in the female category cross over to practically everything. Women pay for alterations at the department store -- men do not at a few stores. Men can get a $20 haircut - women pay that much (and more) for tipping. Nothing is fair.

  • frozen2018

    I think these inflated prices in the female category cross over to practically everything.

    Men die 5 years younger than women just to balance things out.

  • Simon
    Nothing is fair.

    All the things you describe are 100% voluntary. If women want to pay more to get something in a pink plastic bottle, of course retailers will happily take their money.

  • TD

    Would you stop buying a product because you didn’t like their politics?

    Not politics per se I do avoid some brands becasue of their corporate ideology though.

    I won't buy a Sony product, for example, because the jackassery of SME extends into their products.

    Examples would include Music CD's that install rootkits and/or low-level drivers on your PC (Yes, Sony actually did this...)

    Blu-Ray players that are permanently region locked the day they are made (Region cannot be reset even once..)

  • BluesBrother

    No , I just look for the best value and service. Many of the complaints against companies spoken of here are news to me.

    All firms exist for one reason only ... to make money . That inceases the share value for the all important investors. That is the end of it, that is our capitalist society.

    I do not trust an advertised " ethical stand" if they make one.

  • TD

    There are ethical and unethical ways to safeguard corporate profit. Sony's foray into malware was both unethical and illegal


    There are still some of these CD's floating around nearly 15 years later.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I probably should, but I don't really participate in boycotts because of politics.

    I was a member of a group that went door-to-door and other places, pressuring people to see that they should serve a printing corporation because God wanted them to do that.

    My point is that I was so wrong. I am so sorry I did that to people. So despite my knowing that contributing to anti-gay organizations or hate groups of other kinds is wrong, despite my knowing that hunting endangered animals (or really any animals) for sport is wrong, despite my knowing that religion is almost always wrong- I no longer attempt to coerce people to do a certain thing like boycotting Chick-Fil-A or Jimmy Johns or Walmart or grapes or the Republican party or whatever.

    I have no problem with others boycotting such things.

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