Most doubts aren't created by apostates. They are created in a Kingdom Hall.

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  • Phizzy

    I was born in, and over the years came in to contact with a number of Apostates and religious people prepared to show the errors of JW Theology, I had long conversations with Vicars, and once a Bishop, none of these had the desired affect, I was left still a faithful JW.

    Then one day I was simply looking around the K.H at all the folks there , chatting away to each other after the meeting, and the thought came in to my head " What if this is all wrong ? not true ? all of us here would be following the wrong religion!".

    That was the first big crack in my "Spiritual Armour" I guess, just allowing that thought to take shape, and stay with me. Eventually I left because on my own I came to the conclusion that the 1914 teaching was NOT in the Bible.

    It was only after leaving that I was helped by XJW's, that i found others who saw through 1914 and much more !

    The doubt was born in the Kingdom Hall for sure with me !


    Even if Jeehoober brings about Paradise Earth, then what?? It obviously doesn’t work well because he has to kill off rebels AGAIN at the end of the 1000 year reign, and the WT says that after that battle anyone sinning ( even in their heart and mind… REMEMBER they are now perfect..) will be instantly destroyed.

    I suppose this would include Angels in Heaven too..🤔 So, if the Bible teaches that any future rebels will be instantly killed then Jeehoober hasn’t convinced anyone his way is right, only that he will kill you..

    So again his plan has failed, if that plan is to educated and convince that his way is the right way..


  • DesirousOfChange

    I think that statement is very true!

    I think most doubts are created by something said or something that happens within the Borginization. A person "ignores" all the little things until there is that one proverbial straw that brings everything to a grinding halt. Once a person opens the Pandora's Box to examine the religion, it's all over and can never be shut again.

  • Acluetofindtheuser

    Reading the bible and thinking for myself opened my eyes. A person can play dumb for only so long.

  • jwfacts
    Watchtower uses information control, which prevents most JWs looking at apostate material. A person usually has doubts before being able to bring themselves to look at other points of view.
    Apostate information is useful in confirming the doubts are founded.
  • hoser

    I had doubts that I kept repressing and I wondered what was wrong with me.

    Apparently I’m perfectly fine. The watchtower organization is the one with the mental illness.

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