How many "leave the truth" because of the behaviour of harsh elders?

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  • FedUpJW
  • Londo111

    The elders definitely helped show me the monstrous heart of the organization. Of course, elders are at their most harsh often when they are doing things "by the book" as "Mother" directs. The organization overrides the humanity of these men.

    In the end though, what it boiled down to was it simply not "the Truth". Had I believed it was the Truth or I merely had doubts, most likely I would have eventually returned. But research destroyed any doubts and replaced it with certainty. I'm not sure if I would have eventually started real research had it not been for the harshness of elders.

  • joe134cd

    The thing that gets me is an organisation that gives so much to knocking on strangers doors and yet gives so little care to it existing membership. I'm sure some elderly sister in a rest home would love it if one Saturday morning the brothers picked her up and took her for a coffee. Even if it was for a coffee and and marking the WT. To be honest it would probably be a lot stress for the publisher than having to knock on doors. I just don't kind of get the game they are playing really.

  • Spiral

    @joe134cd: problem is, if the publisher/MS/Elder can't count the time because the elderly sister is baptised, there's no motivation (bOrg-wise) to do so. I've seen that here where I am. The sisters will go visit (repeatedly) elderly, home-bound ones to make return visits, but the elderly home-bound congregation members are never visited.

    Sad, isn't it?

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