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  • greven

    Welcome to the forum!

    I came to the same conclusions as you did after reading "The Greatest Man..." and "commentary on james".

    Even the pharisees were sincere most likely. However in their effort to chain the people to the law they over looked the founding principles of it. Jesus message was all about not looking at the letter and inventing definitions/interpretations but rather look at the meaning and intent. His mean message was don't judge!

    Good luck on your queste for truth.


  • Nosferatu

    Welcome to the board Dothemath! You'll do a great deal of learning here, and hopefully get a few good laughs. If you haven't already, I highly suggest taking a look at It helped me put to bed some of the issues I had from when I was in the borg. Enjoy your stay here!

  • blondie

    Welcome, dothemath.

    My husband and I are inactive, officially last month. We don't feel that individuals coming around will do much when the foundation of the organization is flawed. Jesus did not try to fix the Jewish system with its Pharasaical leprosy. His followers left taking with them Jesus words and the principles of the Law. It took us 5 years to leave though after realizing this. Time and events in the congregations finally convinced us to protect ourselves spiritually.

    Keep reading and observing at the KH. Notice I said observing and not listening, actions speak louder than words.


  • mouthy

    Welcome Dothemath.... I am the old lady on board 76 yrs old> 25 years knocking on doors with the supposed TRUTH. My husband would beat me to stop.... But How could I? Everyones blood was on MY shoulders. Then after making 10 people JWs-I was "kicked Out" My SIN???? I admitted I did not believe Jesus came in 1914. Yes they kicked me out AFTER my husband had died! So their prophecy was right I HAD NO WHERE TO GO!!!!!! Hey but they were WRONG!!!!!! I have nearly all these dear people on here Who I love dearly- who are encouraging in times of stress. Who call me Gran, Nan, Mum, Great Gran, So I am like Job I gained more than I lost- & you know what else I FOUND the REAL truth JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!! The ONLY WAY! TRUTH! To have LIFE.... I now know what it meant when scriptures says "I GIVE YOU MY PEACE NOT THE WAY THE WORLD DOES" I have a support group & the amount of the lives the WT has ruined seperated, killed in suicide I am so Happy I am NOT a part of the False Prophet .....Jehovahs Witnesses ....Get out of them my people ....Happy searching & Pray!!!!!!Grace Gough

  • RunningMan

    I agree with your comments about the quality of the Watchtower studies here. I can personally attest that I never studied the publications as diligently, as effectively, or as much, as I did while I was on the way out.

    As for the CO and DO comments, I believe they doth protest too much. In the face of such blinding denial, anyone who has some doubts will come here first. They are really just inciting interest and letting people know that they are not alone in doubting.

  • badboy

    They R shooting themselves in the foot,mentioning apostate sites.

    R they secret apostates mentioning these websites,I wonder.

  • minimus

    HELLO Dothemath! Nice to have you here!!!! If you dothemath you've gotta know, you're not long in this religion. New wine --old skins thing here in "Jehovah's organization". I connected with your story too! Start planning a graceful exit. Realize the organization can't change. A few might and that's good. If they come on this site---that's great! But trust me---we all struggle with our consciences---we worry about if only we stick around, we are the ones that balance the elder body. The "friends" need us. We're hanging around for "them".....Once you realize that the organization can't be fixed, you no doubt will start helping people here. GOOD LUCK-----I mean fortune.

  • rocketman

    Welcome to the board dothemath! It's certainly interesting getting an "inside" view of how things are in the .Org these days. I see thye are pretty much what we've ben saying here for so long - Pharisaic actions and judgemental attitudes still seem to rule the day. It is nice to see though that there are some like yourself who can see through all the bad stuff.

  • Maverick

    Thank you dothemath for your encouraging words. Sometimes I wonder what kind of impact I have as a member of this discussion board. I have been helped greatly by the many personalities here. Some I agree with while others annoy me. But often the annoying are the best ones to help me because they cause me to verify WHY I am annoyed with their comments. And many times I have no valid reason and so have to rethink my feeling on that subject or idea. This is soooo different from the WTS. Though my voice is small and my impact is of little consequence, collectively I pray we do offer hope of freedom from enslavement of the WTS. Maverick

  • dmouse

    Just to add my welcome, dothemath...Hi-Ya

    I bet you wish that people at your hall studied the Watchtower as diligently as us eh?

    I know I read the mags more thoroughly now I've left than ever I did as a bruva.



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