Unusual Events at Assemblies

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  • Gretchen956

    I don't know why, but the posting about the apostates outside the Tacoma Dome made me think of an assembly I went to in Portland Oregon in the 70s. (ok so I'm dating myself)... Anyway right in the middle of a talk (I think it was the Sunday main talk) we had a streaker run through. I never laughed so hard in all my life!!! Anyone else remember that or have funny assembly stories?


  • little witch
    little witch

    Please tell me you got pictures!

    OMG!!! Tell us the details...lol..no not those details...I mean, what did the people do? And what did they say?

    Something tells me they were not as amused as I am!

  • Gretchen956

    I remember that the brothers working security went scrambling, they chased the guy. It all happened so fast I didn't see it until he was halfway across the stage. I was daydreaming, you know how you know, it was a long assembly and I was a young teenager!) They didn't have a bunch of people guarding the stage back then like they did in later years (I assume it still goes on). Truthfully it happened so long ago that I can't remember a lot, but it seems like the guy giving the talk just kept right on going throughout the whole thing. I don't think too many people were laughing, but I did and got some looks! And I have still laughed about it over the years.


  • Elsewhere

    Unusual Events... hmmmmm

    I think I may have once stayed awake durring an entire assembly day... but then again it may have just been a dream.

  • Mysterious

    A couple of years ago at a district assembly we had two cats running loose in the building. (it was in a hockey arena). The attendants were running around trying to catch them and I was more interested in watching that than listening to the program, got mom on my case for that one.

    A different assembly but in the same building we had a bird loose that was flying in the rafters. It perched on some of the banners from the home town hockey game. Nothing like animal antics to get your mind off the program. ;)

  • little witch
    little witch


    Well, now we know why there are guards stationed...

    Wouldn't want a repeter, I mean a repeat....LOL

    Thanks Gretchen for the good laugh!

  • Enishi

    He he, it's always funny when the animals get into the assembly isn't it? I feel sorry for the poor creatures, those horrible talks probably drive them crazy but unlike us, they don't have the mental fortitude necessary to endure them.

    At one assembly I was at, someone down in the lower blenchers started screaming their head off. I looked down with my binoculars, and saw roughly six men carrying off an angry woman who was waving her arms about everwhere. Later on I heard that she was an apostate, and had went off on an angry tantrum.

  • GentlyFeral

    I just read this thread to my husband. He reminded me that this modern era of CELL PHONES presents amazing new possibilities!

    We could organize a flash mob of flashers!

    He just loves word play like that.


  • Gretchen956

    The possibilities are endless, really, get a group to go, and when they sing the song you could all hold up your lit cigarette lighters like at a concert. Or, the whole bunch of you could moon the audience. Oh my, how much fun you could have!!! Everyone carry in one of those old wind-up alarm clocks set to go off at the same time! What other things could we get up to???

    MoonyMoonyMoonyMoonyMoonyMoonyMoonyMoonyMoony 3Moony 3Moony 2Smiley Gone WildMoony

  • cruzanheart

    Hmm, let's see: there was the dog that wandered into a district convention drama in the Virgin Islands. My best friend's dad was part of the drama (it was modern day and they were sitting in a living room), so he had the wisdom to just reach over and pet the dog's head as he was emoting, as though the dog was part of the family. It was a nice distraction.

    Then there was the dog that wandered into the audience at a district convention in Darwin, Australia (I want to say it was 1972, but it might have been 1971). People started feeding him snacks and hiding him under their legs when the attendants went by. Finally they caught him and put him out, but he came right back in (this was an open-air convention), so they tried locking him in the men's room. That worked until someone went in to use the facilities, and out popped the dog. There was a ripple of laughter from the audience that entire afternoon!

    And then (still in Australia) there was the circuit assembly in Mt. Isa where my dad was giving a talk and a large, biting fly settled in the corner of his eye, behind his glasses, and proceeded to gnaw away happily at Dad's face. He made it through the rest of the talk, but the local elders told him he should have stopped his talk, taken off his glasses, and removed the fly because everyone would have understood. Those flies were vicious. That was the assembly where, at dusk, flocks of pink galah cockatoos would fly overhead, tinting the sky like a sunset. It was incredibly beautiful.


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