RC Was Worse Than I thought...

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  • bats in the belfry
    bats in the belfry
    Just a question. Judgement message, what will that be?


    Back in 1969 they said this:

    "This judgment message has to do specially with the international organization for world peace and security, which the clergy have claimed to be the “political expression of the Kingdom of God on earth,” but which the symbolic locusts tormentingly proclaim is a mere man-made substitute for God’s Messianic kingdom and is therefore doomed to fail and be destroyed by God’s true kingdom (w69 p. 721 par. 34)."

    Perhaps it will be a flyer of sorts, chucked under your door, to proclaim the United Nations will be x-rayed to hell ... soon.

    Remember all those pronouncements (trumpet blasts) against the clergy? The countless resolutions to whoever?

    It's all been forgotten, lest never be noticed. Who cares?

  • Finkelstein

    It would appear the WTS and its leaders are starting to see their backs are up against a wall , the extenuating long drawn out doctrines that mankind is living in the last days for over century now has made the WTS look like a pretentious lying fraud, inherently inspired by the proliferation of published literature.

    Father time exposes the "Truth"

  • TheListener

    The more they work the rank and file up, and imho the convention videos alone will really work up the dubs, especially the more emotional and unstable ones, the greater the disappointment and frustration a year or two or three from now when nothing has happened.

    The message of judgement stuff is just more hype to get everyone excited and donating before becoming apathetic once again. Seriously, how much crazier could their message be? Armageddon is coming any day, billions will be killed by God and eaten by birds and we'll live in a paradise petting pandas??? Crazy Crazy

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    My assessment of the Spanish side is...

    For us, JWs who have lived through the 1973-1975/mid-80s/mid-90s/1999-2001 'crying wolf' from the WTBTS, this RC will mean not a single thing.

    We older J-Dubs are just really excited about seeing people we haven't seen in a while, dressing up/accessorizing beautifully, plus looking forward to dinner at a nice place afterwards. Some of us that decide to stay in a hotel also look forward to the comfy/elegant surroundings and the pool side fun in the evenings.

    I understand the Society has to go almost nuclear with the hype as a good try to stop the severe bleed-out of membership. I mean, there are people leaving left and right, all 'spiritual' levels, as soon as the opportunity presents itself; it's incredible and refreshing all at the same time! Good!

    Just another RC, another year that the big 'A' is NOT coming.


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Prologos: remember too, that according to their predictions, the anointed GB will disappear at the beginning of the Great Tribulation, poof, and the R&F will be left holding the empty bag, and deal with the real trouble and aftermath

    I can't decide between two responses to this:

    1. The anointed GB will probably disappear, poof, after the last of the Brooklyn real estate is sold and the money siphoned off to some secret bank accounts.
    2. Originally, the GB was supposed to float off into heaven, but have you seen how heavy these guys are getting? All the force of the holy spirit could barely lift them a flight of stairs. So the nulite is that they'll use a divine transporter so they can get beamed up in little pieces.
  • stuckinarut2

    So the quote that bats posted above about the UN, was obviously forgotten during the period that the society were members of the UN!

  • baldeagle

    These videos are strategically designed to invoke a response and create a strong personal emotional connection. Personally I think it’s brilliant, cultish yes, but still alluring and selling hope. Remember that many JW’s are forever optimistic……What if it all does happen in my lifetime? Do I want to give up now?

    “bats in the belfry” mentioned: “The countless resolutions to whoever?”

    Remember when conventions for years had several stirring and heart moving resolutions presented? I mention two below to refresh your memory.

    April 1, 2002 WT p. 30 Stay Awake, Move Ahead Courageously!

    “The hour is late for distressed mankind. Our present commission must be fulfilled before the final end comes. Therefore, we, as Jehovah’s Witnesses, resolve that:…… (A six-point resolution was presented) “All in attendance at this convention who favor the adoption of this resolution, please say AYE! When the concluding question of the resolution was put to the……a thunderous “Aye” was shouted in the many languages represented among the delegates.”

    January 15, 2004 p. 25 Give God Glory Not Man

    “The speaker presented a ten-point resolution for all in attendance to adopt. It centered on various ways that glory can be given to Jehovah, the Creator. A unanimous “Aye” traveled through all the conventions from one end of the earth to the other.

    Many of us remember all those bold and pompous resolutions that put the “wicked world” on notice and were adopted by the thousands gathered. The audience was in a trance like state as they feverishly applauded. On the drive home conversations indicated that the brothers/sisters were very much excited and enthusiastic about it…What could this all mean? And…We must be so close to the end now! etc.

    But the next day was Monday and going to the same crappy unfulfilling low paying job. Or we were knocking on the same empty houses if pioneering. Midweek go to the same mind-numbing meeting. At the end of the month you had more bills than money. The assembly quickly slipped into the distant past and became irrelevant.

    The WTS is so enamoured with this digital age and are cleverly using the latest methods available to them. Just saying the end is coming sooooon……or it’s just around the corner is so old, WELL OVER 100 years old!!

    Video with faith strengthening music is the new hook and dangling carrot. The loyal ones will eat this up and then be disappointed like the generations that went before them.

  • Lieu

    Slick videos, imo. Certainly they are using outside/contract production groups. I think a larger portion of JW are female so going the emotional angle may keep quite a few around a bit longer for whatever nefarious reason. The master is delaying and maybe their arms are tired from beating their fellow servants. Use some tech to gain obedience; saves energy, lower cost.

    Intersting info about moving to a judgment based message. Judgements are for real prophets and post 1st Century, only for Christ. I suppose they could pronounce judgements on the Congos but that would be same ole same ole.

    I just hope they don't completely snap one day and start making video with subliminal suicide messages.

  • prologos

    Lieu: "--Intersting info about moving to a judgment based message. -- well, according to wt theology, Christ sits down to judgement of the world, the Sheep & the Goats only in the great tribulation, so is wt jumping the gun, telling, forcing the Christ to sit down ! ?

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Those stupid resolutions used to piss me right off. It felt soo culty it made me cringe. sadly i didnt wake up until 2010.

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