RC Was Worse Than I thought...

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  • oldskool
    How can they say they we so encouraged by a convention that was basically a threat not to leave JWs or else.

    Because they have to be.

  • WTWizard

    They may get a great tribulation--for themselves. You see, if they keep de-preparing for regular emergency situations, it won't take much for a problem to become a Disaster.

    To start, they are talking of selling out again. No more living comfortably. Sell that house (and throw the money into the Worldwide Damnation Fund instead of buying that monster box of silver or bag of silver dimes and quarters), and move into a little [studio] apartment. You aren't doing enough if you pious-sneer, unless you get rid of everything you may be attached to.

    That means that, when Neptune goes retrograde and backs into 9 Pisces, and Saturn crosses 16 Sagittarius (think October 1987), it will only take one little problem to become a Great Tribulation for the jokehovian witleses that do it. This happens soon after the election, and if Trump gets in, the Feds will throw a temper tantrum (even if Trump is pro-Fed) and crash the whole economy. Either way, the banks are so unstable that one big one going bust will trigger bail-ins, which could be what it takes for the dollar to become toilet paper and/or negative interest rates to dissipate your wealth. Without silver and gold, people will not survive.

    Not to mention, a common 2003-style thunderstorm could be all it takes for a major tribulation to start. One lightning strike, or one drink driver hitting a utility pole, and you get a blackout. This can cascade, and a run of bad luck could ensure you are without electricity for a day or longer. How many people in those bunkers could survive a simple blackout for three days? Will they trust that joke-hova will protect their electricity? I don't think that thing will do that--rather, it will allow the electricity to go out and use it to test whether they will go out and get simple flashlights, batteries (NiMH work great), chargers, and lanterns in lieu of Worldwide Damnation Fund donations.

    And I think this is done to get children to shut up about the ice cream cone ban and accept it. At least partly.

  • prologos

    remember too, that according to their predictions, the anointed GB will disappear at the beginning of the Great Tribulation, poof, and the R&F will be left holding the empty bag, and deal with the real trouble and aftermath, whatever that will be, not a paradise., and that is the positive outcome for wt, in reality, nothing of the above will happen,

  • Lostwun

    GB= Decepticons!

  • berrygerry

    the anointed GB will disappear at the beginning of the Great Tribulation

    Hello, Cayman Islands.

    Sanderson is smart to stay single until the G.T.

    Also, a good reason to keep the GB down to 7 members - why make the split bigger?

  • honest

    Just a question. Judgement message, what will that be? How will they tell worldly people that? Is it basically you don't become a jw you will die? 😏

  • smiddy

    WE know the JW religion is a crackpot religion.

    If and when they give a final judgement message to the world , EVERYBODY will know they are a crackpot religion.


  • prologos

    honest: "-- Is it basically you don't become a jw you will die? 😏 " --it could not be that, for they are saying that now, in different words of course. It must be "you will die" so, what else is new?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    How does it not sound crazy to them?

    There's no cure for stupidity, unfortunately ...

  • carla

    Would the harshest of messages have been on the second day of the rc? (Sat.) my jw came home in the most horrid mood.

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