New brochure about donations.

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  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz

    Lost in the fog

    Yes, they did! and that what's more depressing. Knowing that EVERYBODY read this quote (it was in the purple kingdom book) and EVERYBODY is listening to their begging and EVERYBODY continues following all their rules.

  • tiki

    Just a crooked corporation racking up the moola in off shore accounts...some head honchos running the scam could care less about religion...just squeezing water out of the rock...guilt the duped into thinking their hard earned money is actually going to a worthy cause. And the front men...the dudes outwardly running the show get their little piece of the pie...some travelling...tailored suits...rolexes.....just enough to keep them happy and hounding the lemmings for more.

  • _Morpheus

    Hey, the kingdom hall perpetual loan scam IS a defacto tithe, albeit at a congregation level and not individual. . They will eventually get there on an individual level as well. They wont call it a tithe but thats what it will be.

  • steve2

    Why don't they impose a tithing system and be done with it?

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