What do you prefer?

by SheilaM 46 Replies latest jw friends

  • xenawarrior

    I love that picture Sheila !!! *thwacks Thunder*

    Lady Lee- that's a beautiful picture of you !!!!

    I better go now before little witch thinks I'm following her around !!

  • bikerchic

    Sheila I like this new picture of you so far the best of any you've posted, oh gosh not that any of the others were bad, sheese.......it's just in this one you look spunky!

    I really do like to see what a person looks like plus it's so obvious that they are out and through with the WTS. For me I'm not at that point yet and don't wish to be seen so I have the flying pigs (yes xw they are flying).

    I used to have a caption that read "I'll go back when pigs fly" hence the flying pigs but Simon did away with the caption thingy.

    I agree with xenawarrior, Lady Lee that is a beautiful picture of you and hey xw doesn't look to bad either!

    KateButterfly With Cocoon

  • Gretchen956

    I will probably change mine every once in awhile. First I had my picture up, but then I put up Glinda because I'm a good witch and when I did Glinda for Halloween a couple of times everyone said I looked exactly like the actress on the Wiz. Some of my friends occasionally call me Glinda.


  • JH

    Stacy said

    You look pretty.

    Pretty what?

    No, just kidding Sheila. You are pretty.

  • little witch
    little witch

    *thwacks* thunder! BWAAAAHAAAHAAAAHAAAA

    I can appreciate the sound of a good thwack! LOL

    Naw, Xena, we just happen to be online at the same time and we both love the stuffins outa Sheila.

    Unless of course, you are really following me???? Lol

    For a really good laugh, look for "scorpions" thread. It is something like, Thanksgiving menu at bethel. Very funny, but it got buried quickly...

  • ballistic

    As an amateur psychologist, I recommend not changing you avatar too often as non intimate people on chat boards loose you.

  • xenawarrior

    Thank you (((((((Kate)))))))) And yes, THAT ONE is flying !!! LOL- miss that !!!

    little witch- I kinda love that Sheila too !! Good peeps !!!

  • lauralisa

    I've seen you, Sheila, on the morning after some serious, all night long- talking, eating and drinking, when you ALSO have a sinus headache, and there is only one shower for like 12 people, and ..... and you still looked GORGEOUS despite feeling like crap, and have having to harvest cranberries from the bog and prepare them for dinner to look forward to, in addition to all the other "shit happening" in life that goes on. You are so glowing with joy that you'd be beautiful even if you had a fever of 104.6 and were covered in coal smoke.

    Now, if you can do a grammatically correct grammatical diagram of the above paragraph, I'll fly you and Thunder to Texas. (Well, if someone else pays for it, that is....*erm* )

    Your avatar is awesome, by the way.

    lauralisa, turkeyless

  • Poztate

    It all depends.I am still in hiding due to family in and the off hand chance some one will spot me here.I know you will say if they spot me here they couldn't be a very good dub.Maybe I am just a little paranoid but being in the dubs for most of my life tends to make you that way.

    Besides my avitar looks just like me....HONEST

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Sheila I love this pic of you - so natural and true - not posed - just lovely

    and xenawarrior - wow long time no see

    thanks to you and kate

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