Restructuring Bethel

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  • LaFrancia

    An announcement to all congregation in Italy :

    The project of a new bethel in Italy was allocated

    the number of temporary special pioneers will be reduced significantly

    Even the special pioneers will be reduced

  • Listener
    I've never heard of a temporary special pioneer. It sounds crazy. Imagine having a temporary regular pioneer, they have a different name for that's an auxiliary pioneer.
  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast
    I've never heard of a temporary special pioneer.

    I used to be one. It was just that, you had to go into a remote territory for a few months, find your own accommodation and work it all. Then come back. Job done.

  • cognac
    Did the say how much the reduction is?
  • Listener
    Thanks for explaining SlidingFast. Sounds like a bit of a challenge for someone with little income.
  • Finkelstein

    Its both contradictory and ironic when the GB says that Gods chariot is moving along at faster pace but then they announce that will be reducing special pioneers in the majority of countries. ???

    This seems to be happening all over the world.

    Instead spending money or any extra money to financially support more special pioneers and not build new expensive branches would be identified as moving the chariot at a faster pace.

    I guess I think too logically.

  • Divergent
    The temporary special pioneer arrangement was established to serve as a stepping stone to encourage more to take up special pioneering. Since they are currently cutting down on special pioneers & don't need any more, it would only make sense for them to drastically reduce the number of temporary special pioneer applicants!
  • truthseeker100

    It's not surprising really. How could a NY based business empire like the wtbts expect to be immune from their actions? Even with tax free status!

    Thanks to the internet we can see information about whats really going on. For a good review, see this video it's long but well worth watching.

  • Half banana
    Half banana
    The Italian bethel was "allocated" what, to where?
  • LaFrancia

    the construction of a new branch will not go ahead and
    about 120 workers of bethel, back in the field
    as regular pioneers, or publishers.
    In the future there will be other reductions.
    The Kingdom Halls are built only if we have the necessary funds.
    It will be assessed case by case.

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