"Bethelites told they weren’t doing enough, hadn’t reached their potential so about half of them walked out of the talk"

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  • oppostate
    It doesn't cost millions a year to build crude Kingdumb Halls in Africa. It does help the WTBTS to inflate/exaggerate expenses/projects, and then pocket the excess $$$!

    Exactly. Compare the photos on this thread and you can appreciate how the 0rganization is investing in realestate, making buildings which are built and maintained by volunteer labor, and can later be sold for a good profit. Then there are the deplorable looking KH's they're building for the use of the R&F while collecting donations from more affluent countries with the excuse of building KH's.


  • fulano

    No way a poor country could maintain their bethelites, missionaries, sp, co's and the maintenance of the buildings. For example, the construction costs of the dominican republic branch was a 200.000 us $ a month and took several years. Just because incomes in a country are low will not mean things are cheap.

  • JRK

    Joe Mason Emerson is so full of sh!t his eyes are brown!


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