Is Satan really the bad guy in story of creation?

by evilApostate 30 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Crazyguy

    James you have some of that backwards Enki is the good god god of wisdom and god of the earth and water. He would be considered Satan if the connection can be made. Also he is the God that warned man that his brother Enlil the sky god was going to kill them all with a flood. Enki with a female god made man not Enlil so yes he's the good guy and Enlil is the bad god who wanted to kill mankind because they were to noisy.

    But let's not forget so much has changed that it's really difficult to make a direct connection. Before he Enlil was the god that wanted to kill man there's even older stories that the god Anu his father wanted to kill man. These stories change and the gods change too depending on who's telling the story and what city you were living in. Also many god assumed the powers and identity of the older gods.

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