Is Satan really the bad guy in story of creation?

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  • jwleaks

    At the time when Moses (???) wrote all that nonsense the two main instruments of death among the Israelites were swords snd snake. They both end up in the creation account playint a pivotal role in mankind's death.

    Evidently it never occured to these desert dwellers that swords had not yet been invented at the dawn of man's creation. Hence the inclusion of a sword in the story.

    I find it highly unlikely that Eve told Adam she had been talking with a snake and that Adam found this acceptable and made no investigation.

  • schnell

    @jwleaks Don't forget the misogyny. Swords, snakes and misogyny. That's really the iron age creation myth in a nutshell.

  • redpilltwice

    Always thought the witnesses were brilliant and unique regarding their understanding of that account, but as soon as I became a parent, I thought again and began to have some serious (but silent) doubts regarding that whole free will issue.

    I mean, with so much at stake (universal worship and peace and happiness)... why didn't Jehovah warn Adam and Eve the very second that the puffed up angel became satan the devil? Satan was a new kind of angel, the first of an evil, vicious kind, more intelligent than Adam & Eve and clearly with murderous intents. What parent, present and fully aware of everything taking place in such a specific situation of danger, would let his child undergo the death penalty only because he had warned clearly enough about that dangers in the past and knowing the child had understood the warning?

  • Vidiot

    We can all thank Milton and other writers and artists for the modern-day concept of "Satan" as the ultimate super-villain...

    ...basically, the Bible's fan-fiction and Expanded Universe. :smirk:

  • Onager

    Two things strike me reading through this thread.

    1) Who *was* supposed to eat the fruit from the tree of life and from the tree of the knowledge of good and bad? Did god create two distinct species of trees purely to test his human creation who had no concept of the consequences of failing the test? Isn't that a waste of good fruit? doesn't it go against the whole ethos of the creation tale of things being created male and female according to their kind?

    2) Where are the trees now? They must have been self-fertilising as they produced fruit even though there was only a single specimen of each. So that fruit would have fallen to the ground, been eaten by animals (who then get to know good and bad and live forever??) and more trees of life and knowledge would then grow from the seeds. In this day and age there should be forests of trees of life and of knowledge.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    1) Who *was* supposed to eat the fruit from the tree of life and from the tree of the knowledge of good and bad?

    We were always told that eventually Adam and Eve would be allowed to eat of the tree of life.

    Anyway, it none of this matter because the whole thing is made up.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    In the meeting of the allied leaders in WW11(1944) when the war turned in favor for the Soviet and Britain, F. D. Roosevelt made this comment, "God must be on the allied side". Stalin responded, "Satan is on our side he's a good communist". He has a point........

  • prologos
    PZ: "We were always told that eventually Adam and Eve would be allowed to eat of the tree of life.

    A&E were invited to eat of all the vegetation, including the prominently centered tree of life right from the beginning, with the exception of the tree of knowledge. there were not two forbidden trees, nor a hidden tree. perhaps A&E were later, after a period of abstinence (good obedient doggies) allowed to eat from the knowledge fruit. Clearly the animals ate of that wisdom tree, scientist study them all the time, to copy the amazing bionic capabilities. May be that is how the snake got to be able towalk and talk?

  • smiddy

    jwleaks , thanks for that , "how many has God killed " video compared to how many Satan has killed explicitly.

    Their is no comparison.

    "Jehovah comes up "Trumps " .. If you get my drift the killing stakes and when you reflect on it ,mainly innocent people , old people women and children are the victims of Gods judgements for execution against nations that didnt suit his agenda . They were expendable

    The bible says that God never changes ," he is the same today as he was yesterday and will be the same tomorrow "

    The old Testament God ,Jehovah , is universally described as a God of war .

    The new testament God is universally described as a God of Love.

    Post New testament and in this day and age , and the near future ,this is what we can look forward to.

    The prophetic view of God in the book of Revelation paints him again as a God who again is bent on destroying millions of people , men ,women ,and children , surely a God of war again and people are again expendable.

    So it really is a serious question here , who really is the bad guy ? with the evidence presented before you who do you think is the bad guy ?

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    It all depends on how you interpret things and what you are trying to prove.

    If you go back to the Sumerian text the oldest known writings of mans history. Satin was not a bad guy.

    He had mans interest at heart. Jehovah was the Bad guy

    Jehovah= Enki = bad guy enslaver

    Satin= Enil= mankinds benefactor.

    Their father = Anil = God almighty.

    The bible God is actually Satin.

    That is what the Masons believe and that is what the new world order believes.

    Things are complicated when you deal with history and facts.

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