Those scary apostates outside conventions with banners and megaphones...

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  • dolphman

    Remember those people? My mom would tell me to not even look at them. They had bullhorns, banners, waving at us as we walked in. I thought they we're crazy at the time. But looking back, they were right about everything.

    I'd like to say thanks to all those who "apostates" who bothered to do that. I'm sure it helped some people. I remember my brother wanting to go talk to one of them. They offered him a place to stay and an opportunity to get out of a "cult". I remember my JW instincts kicking in and physically removing him from them and taking him inside the convention in a headlock.



  • drwtsn32

    Yeah, those guys rock! I don't think I'd have the guts to do it...

  • drwtsn32

    BTW, are you talking about the Tacoma Dome conventions?

  • amac

    Actually, I still think there are a lot of looneys that do that. The last time I saw them, they were all born again christian apostates who were yelling at us how we needed to be saved to avoid damnation. I wanted to talk to them just to inquire of their success rate. I can't imagine many people being inclined to listen to people yelling damnations at them.

  • Sassy

    They have always been around the conventions I've attended. I remember being a little afraid of them. I guess like we were warned about not reading apostate literature and how dangerous it was, we were also told to stay away from them because they might do something to you. As if they were crazy and the fear they might do something crazy to us, hurt us somehow. Now I can only admire them. I know I haven't got the guts to do it.

  • gold_morning


    I remeber them well too. When I was little I was afraid of them. When I was older I felt sorry for them. Yet, when I was a little older still, I found myself curious as to what they had to say. I never dared ask them or anyone else what they were really about.

    Funny, as a I look back now I remember a pioneer couple that was new to our kingdom hall. They belonged to another hall and when they moved they started coming to our kingdom hall. They were in the "IN CROWD" as they were the fine pioneer examples.

    I remember the meeting when it was announced they were disfellowshiped!! Everyone was stunned. The first thought was adultry or something. It ended up they had written a DA letter and had become "born again christians". I could not fathom what anyone could have told them to make them turn away from the organization. I mean.... it was the real truth, wasn't it????? I was always curious what they could have learned that was different than what I had been taught. I mean, I really wanted to know.
    Again, I dared not ask.

    All these years later I now understand. After being disfellowshiped myself in the early 80's I left God because I thought the organization and HIM was one in the same. I spent 16 years in limbo land. I was hurt but lived a make pretend I was alright. In 1996 I began trying to figure the whole mess out and spent over 3 years really trying to understand God. I was shocked beyond belief when I read things in the bible that were so different than what I had been raised to believe. I became born again in 1999 and now understand what those scary apostates knew. Wish I had figured it our sooner.

    Gold_morning...............I always want anyone to know if they need someone to write to my e-mail address is... [email protected]

  • SpunkyChick

    It would be pretty fun to do that at an assembly, and know all of them think you're possessed by satan.

  • liquidsky

    Those of you who attended the conventions at the Tacoma dome.... Remember the guy with the bullhorn shouting "Watch out for the Watchtower! Watch out for the Watchtower!"

  • Poztate

    If I wanted to get my point across today I would just list (on a big sign) a few very good web pages to visit such as The new generation of children are very net savvy and many would out of curiosity take a look. Some questioning ones might do so also in the privacy of their own homes. Elders would have an impossible task trying to stop this kind of activity.

    Without the new blood of the next generation to carry on this CULT would die. I hope this day will soon come. They have caused enough anger,hurt and suffering in many peoples lives.IT HAS GOT TO END.

  • SixofNine

    I still think they're just pissed off that the society quit using placards!

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