Mark 7:6-9 about Tradition

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  • Tameria2001

    The Watchtower has been guilty of saying the end is near, right around the corner, and so on. They had even set certain times, such as the fall of 1975 that the end of this system of things will pass away. They have done it before, and when it did not happen they blamed the rank and file of making up this stuff. When Matthew and Mark both say no one knows the day or hour. I took these verses from their very own bible.

    Matthew 25:13 “Keep on the watch, therefore, because you know neither the day nor the hour.

    Mark 13:32 “Concerning that day or the hour nobody knows, neither the angels in heaven nor the Son, but the Father.

    This scripture shows them for what they really are, a false prophet, and what they are deserving of, and I'm talking about the leadership of the Watchtower.

    Deuteronomy 18:20-22
    20 “‘If any prophet presumptuously speaks a word in my name that I did not command him to speak or speaks in the name of other gods, that prophet must die. 21 However, you may say in your heart: “How will we know that Jehovah has not spoken the word?” 22 When the prophet speaks in the name of Jehovah and the word is not fulfilled or does not come true, then Jehovah did not speak that word. The prophet spoke it presumptuously. You should not fear him.’

  • carla

    "..rejecting all man made traditions..." - Is that so? how about using the word 'jehovah'? I know they have said more than once that they use it due to tradition or familiarity with it. Just a quick search I found this, I will leave it to others to find more if interested. (must be an older nwt not the new silver one?)

    1. Even worse, they admit that the only reason they keep using it is to please men, not God: "While inclining to view the pronunciation "Yahweh" as the more correct way, we have retained the form "Jehovah" because of people's familiarity with it Since the 14th century. New World Translation, Jehovah's Witnesses, foreword p 25)
  • Diogenesister

    Commandments of men as doctrines:

    No beards

    2 tier Christians most don’t partake as Jesus commanded (even though the apostles weren’t yet anointed at the evening meal)

    Women not allowed to be MS ( deacons) though they are in the Bible

    time slips for preaching mandatory

    No birthdays

    no voting

    no blood transfusions but yet fractions allowed

    a hierarchical system (yet early Christians weren’t like this)

    oh boy I could go on forever.....

  • Finkelstein

    The fact is there are other Christian based religions that dont celebrate Christmas or they celebrate it without all the commercialization or birthdays or Halloween and they dont proselytize apostate false doctrines as a means to proliferate literature and they dont participate in wars either . ie. Amish, Mennonite

    So from that perspective the JWS are not the most righteous in the eyes of god but are seen as unrighteous sinful false prophets.

    Of course JWS dont know about other religions because they only read whats on Watchtower's literature making them blatantly ignorant.

    JWs are brainwashed by the WTS/JWorg. making them absorbed in arrogance because the WTS heads told them they were god's chosen ones and the most righteous Christians on earth.

    .......who proclaimed that originally?

    J Rutherford (1919) the novice bible theologian charlatan who wanted to boost the circulation and readership of the literature he published.

    He also wanted to make his devoted public literature distributors, who he called Jehovah's Witnesses feel they were doing god's will and purpose in the activity of distributing the literature he published.

    A calculating marketing ploy which some people couldn't see through the corruption out of being bound by their own ignorance and unsuspecting exploitation.

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