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  • rolliepollie

    Have you had a religious experience, such as being saved, that made you beleive in a higher power?

    Please share your experience.

  • newsheep

    Yes, I was once a joho who was told we were the only ones that had the truth, the only ones that would make it out alive, the only ones that god chose as his organization here on earth, the only ones that would inherit his paradise on earth, the only ones that the 144,000 would come from and so on. So I guess that would make us saved, right??

    But unlike most religions we didn't have to be treated like shit and threatened in order to be saved!!!

  • cofty

    I was an evangelical christian for 9 years after I left the cult. I was convinced I was born-again, saved, forgiven, son of god.

    In retrospect it is all subjective experience based on wishful thinking, peer pressure, group think, emotion and confirmation bias.

    You searching rolliepollie?

  • eyeuse2badub

    I had a very bad religious experience. I was a JW.

    just saying!

  • rolliepollie

    I just wish I had a undeniable religious experience like so many say they have. They seem so confident and happy in their hope.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Don't trust 'religious experience' as evidence that one has found the true religion, these experiences can be brought on by various means, so don't believe it a sign that one is born again and destined for everlasting life.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Not to sound corny but I feel very close to mother earth every year when I am digging in the dirt in our garden. It is a very spiritual/ emotional experience for me. Helping the soil to come back to life is very fulfilling for me. If you want to call that a religious experience, then I have had one. No heaven, no hell and no religion just good old mother earth between my toes. Take care. Still Totally ADD

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    Sorry, after posting, i felt it just to personal to put out. I apologize

  • rolliepollie
    @Still Totally ADD
    Not corny at all. If there is any "spiritual" experience I can get behind it would be a connection to mother earth, to the land and elements all around us. It is tangible.
  • waton

    Your mind and senses can play tricks on you, so keep vision kind of stuff to yourselves, but I go for non-biblical messages in creation: "Doing the numbers on No.1" on sciforums pseudo science. for example.

    Earth, only planet to have beings that allow the universe to know itself.

    10 fingers, 10 in the Bode law, 1000 light seconds orbit semi major axis, 10 m/secxsec (no not sex) surface gravity. 10 meter of water atmospheric pressure. 1/10 000 of speed of light orbital speed. during Sunday's eclipse, 111 111 km/h combined Earth lunar orbital velocity

    It was not planned that way; -- Bode-10 the most stunning. imho.

    religious experience? looking at the cosmos on a clear dark night; --- bare eye view 10 000 years back into the past.

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