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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Not personally, but I know for a certainty that an elder and his wife in my last congregation acquired a nice bungalow from the local council because they'd been praying to Jehovah to get it! Clearly, divine intervention.

    There's also the case of a building contractor who promised God that he'd study with JW's if Jehovah would help him find a leak in the roof of a new building he was responsible for. He then found it after praying. Miracle of miracles!

    I rest my case.

  • Dubfounded

    The Apostate Paul had a religious experience and look where that got us!

    Damn him and his epilepsy!

  • Tenacious

    The the OP: If you're looking for beautiful Christian conversion stories like those found in Scripture you've come to the wrong forum.

    The majority of users here have been so put off by their JW experiences that they've given up on God. And I say that with all due respect as we all must respect each other's decisions.

    You may want to find a nice Christian forum where you'll definitely find those kind of experiences.

    God bless.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I'm curious... if I tell you I can run a mile in 3 minutes although I have never worked out, you'd think I had a screw loose.

    Likewise, if you tell me you've been "saved," without having actually DIED, I'm inclined to think you are exaggerating just a little. Tell me after you know for sure.

    As for my friend Tenacious sentiment that "we all must respect (emphasis mine) each other's decisions, I will paraphrase a Physician who said, "Respect? [As in] ÔÇťAdmire deeply..." Nope. Understand? Yep. Accept? You bet. Part of what makes America a great place is we all get to do whatever dumb ass activity... suits us. But it is impossible to respect a belief that" is irrational.

    To each his own.

  • Jidders

    Personally I've had moments of horrible depression and doom where I'd be in my room crying and bemoaning my situation to a near paralyzed state. One instance had lasted around a week, of which I had prayed and expressed my feelings and issues. I suddenly had an overwhelming sense of calm and started telling myself what I needed to hear and within about 30 minutes I felt like I had a 180 on every thing bringing me down. Maybe it was just my chemicals came back in balance but it doesn't disqualify the possibility of some external help.

    Also our living condition borders on evicted and living comfortably so closely it feels like someone is giving us the slightest help sometimes, though I do know my family works hard to keep things going, myself included

  • atomant

    l had a premonition about 7 years ago that a strong earth quake was going to occur near Melbourne .l had a very strong sense the day before it actually happened that a strong quake would occur enough so that l would have taken a large bet.l even told my wife the day before it happened.She said l was mad.Well sure enough the next day not far from Melbourne a Gippsland town registered a 5.2 quake the strongest felt for over 3 decades.

  • smiddy3

    The only religious experiences I had were the ones I created for myself convincing myself that JW`s had the "truth" and then wasting 33 years of my life ,putting my kids through school hell ,convincing my wife and then finally breaking this insane thinking where we all exited .

    "Religion is the opium of the people" and I tend to agree with that statement.

    And i don`t care who said it .

    Having said that if you can have a religious experience without any GOD involved ,then I do marvel at the diversity of life on earth and elsewhere ? in the Universe in general and what man may discover in the future exploration of Space and other Worlds .

    That I can relate to.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    AtomAnt shouted from the rooftops, "... a 5.2 quake the strongest felt for over 3 decades."

    Dude (or Dudette, or wotever), I live in Seattle, Washington, USA. You might fool flatlanders with exclamations about a 5.2 quake, but you and I both know that a 5.2 will wake you up or, if you are already awake, send you under a solid doorway, but a 5.2 is NOT ARMAGEDDON, regardless of how long you've waited for it.

    Let me know the day before the next New Madrid, USA quake happens. THAT should be one for the books. The first New Madrid mega-quake was actually FOUR separate earthquakes. The first 7.5 (199.5 times more powerful than a 5.2) quake was followed by a 7.0 aftershock around 5 hours later. In January of the following year, there was a 7.3 earthquake then a 7.5 in February. That last one destroyed the town of New Madrid, Missouri.

    As far as "religious experiences" go, your premonition is on the order of getting a "YOU MAY ALREADY HAVE WON" email from Publisher's Clearing House!

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I think you may find this video interesting

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