So getting disfellowshipped sounds kind of great.

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  • schnell

    How could I forget the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius?

    Stoicism, now that's a legitimate philosophy to fill the void after religion.

  • Crazyguy

    For your wife's sake just fade away unless you think she'll join you after you pull the trigger. If she has friends or family in she probably won't. Just fade and in time they stop talking to you, if they don't bring up some about the ARC and they'll soon run every time they see you.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Welcome to the forum schnell. I have doubts about the value of playing their game. I would always suggest just doing your own thing and totally ignoring the whole DF/DA nonsense but you know your circumstances better than anybody. ~ COFTY

    Yes, welcome to this motley crew of mentally diseased folk~

    Personally, I feel very strongly about NOT "playing their game". Take from a former Elder who has opened and read (only some) of those Letters of Disassociation, it only brings a smile to their face as they think they have done their job in "keeping the Cong clean". If the first line says "Snell is DAing self", then that's all the further it will be read. Seal it up in an envelope for eternity. The evil witch (Snell) is dead. Much more satisfaction, in my opinion, to be a thorn in their side that they would LOVE to catch at something so they can give you the boot. But don't let them catch you.

    The way I got past my family members bugging me was to put the burden on them to explain the problems and doubts. Always questions and leave them standing there unable to answer. Eventually, they won't want you to inflict that feeling upon them again and they'll be absent or at least silent about it all.

    Be glad you escaped at an early age in life. Many of us were not that fortunate. Forget about all this JW crap as soon as you can get past it, and go on and life the rest of your life! . . . . . Doc

  • notsurewheretogo

    4 years ago I told the elders I was having a few doubts, I didn't want to discuss it and wanted to be left alone...true to that they haven't bothered me and I'm just faded, dubs still talk to me when they see me.

    DF/DA causes more grief if you have still-in family. So I just follow the advice of the GB Mr Jackson at the Aussie Commission where it is best to just fade.

  • Heaven

    Schnell said: @Heaven, heh, Christmas. Never had any desire to celebrate it but I do love my Christmas Vacation and Krampus was freaking awesome!

    The whole holiday thing is just weird. I seriously saw a conversation on Facebook where a brother asked if Bosses Day has pagan origins......

    Yeah, blame everything on the pagans. Or anyone else they feel aren't worthy... which is pretty much everyone who isn't a JW. If Christmas isn't your thing (it's not particularly mine either) then celebrate Yule/Winter Solstice. At least that is real.

  • Finkelstein

    As for disfellowshipping there is nothing great about stupidity and cruelty.

    To note the DFing practice by the JW religion has inadvertently caused many people to commit suicide.


  • schnell

    I guess they'll have to catch me then. It won't be too hard. My ex-sister-in-law came to our door a couple weeks ago with the sister she studied with. She asked if we're okay, and offered us magazines. We are not on good terms, because she is nuts. I asked them to leave, and I'm sure that made it back to somebody. *shrug*

    Just today, my best man messaged me and said he's worried about losing me to the world. I asked him, is that us-and-them mentality healthy? After a back and forth about staying separate from the world and how we're not the only organization that does this, he still refused to answer. I wasn't rude, wasn't mean, I just asked if it's healthy. I told him, "If it is, you can say yes. Hopefully you can easily say yes." He warned me not to bring this up again with him or his brother or our friends. In his head, I know he knows the answer.

    I'm sure that got back to someone too.

    Probably no one has handled me about this more than my wife and mother. My wife admits a lot of the things I'm saying are right, like the us-and-them mentality against "the world". My mom admits, unbelievably, that SHE DOESN'T CARE if the details are all wrong (thus this isn't the truth) because she wants the new system. I'm really not sure how much of our conversations she carries back to the elder and his wife whom she's buddies with.

    Anyway, no tortious action against me yet. If it happens, it happens.

  • Finkelstein

    and said he's worried about losing me to the world

    JWS are in the world of delusion, corruption, ignorance, exploitation and manipulation.

    I think its better to out of that world, certainly in regards toward ones own mental health.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Welcome Schnell.

    Plus I don't want you to underestimate the powerful feeling you get when you simply tell the guys not to come to your house. You are not used to saying no (politely), and they sure aren't used to hearing it. I remember the brothers asking to come by, andI said no thanks guys.....hows the build over on __ street? Yeah? Great to hear...ok guys I need to get back to work, so say hi to the wives and hope you guys are good. *click

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