"Cultivate Self-Control"

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  • Diogenesister

    Doubtfull1799 well said!!

    I wonder if this study on kids considered if the poor mites back then were just too of terrified their belt wielding parents not to self regulate!


    maybe people are just developing at a later age. Perhaps because there are less evolutionary pressures to do so! For instance the trend to reproduce later.

  • tiki

    No intellectual honesty whatsoever.

  • stuckinarut2

    Well said doubtful1799!

  • ttdtt

    The - DONT Masturbate - Don't look at PORN Study:)

  • WTWizard

    And I suppose the washtowel doesn't have its own issue with self control when asking for ever-increasing donations?

  • FedUpJW

    Just got back from sitting through this goofiness...for the sake of still in family.

    Just a few impressions/thoughts/comments.

    Paragraph 17 made the claim that parents KNOW self-control doesn't come naturally to young ones. Then proceeds to make the veiled accusation that it is the parents fault if young ones do not easily show self-control. Yep, you got that right WT. Others actions are ALWAYS someone else fault.

    Paragraph 13 praised David...again. Question was "What lessons can we learn from accounts concerning David?" Everyone spouted off about the accounts, and not one single word about what lessons could be learned. Sorry excuses for individuals were too afraid to state the FIRST lesson; that overseers should exercise self-control and avoid abusing their "authority"! And the WT conductor was one of the elders that hates FedUp so would not even make eye contact, let alone call on FedUp to answer THAT question!

    Paragraph 6 made the assertion that the perfect example of self-control is Jehovah...because he has let so much time go by without answering the devils challenge because he "desires all to be saved." I reasoned with one of the R&F who still talk to me about that after the WT. I asked if the angels and Jesus have seen Gods' name sanctified or sovereignty vindicated? They replied, "YES." So I asked if the devil or the demons have any hope of salvation? They answered, "NO." Then I said that IF both those answers were true and factual then the referred to scripture about God desiring all to attain to repentance could only apply to humans? Answer, "YES." Then I asked, "Why if God wants all to attain to repentance and live does He allow some 135,604,800 people to be born each year (according to 2016 statistics) yet only draw some 264,535 to the JW's? (2017 yearbook baptisms for 2016) That leaves some 135,340,265 born each year and sentenced to death simply for being born and not baptized into the JW religion! That doesn't sound very loving, and seems to be a misuse of self-control. I could see the wheels turning, but no answer was forthcoming this time. I'll have to make a return visit after some other meeting to further interest.

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