Matt Layer of NBC terminated for inappropriate sexual behavior

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  • scratchme1010

    People didn't care about my comment in my previous post, but I will say it again, anyway. I miss the 90s when the Macarena was the thing of the moment.

  • ttdtt


    You are right.

    The problem stems in that MEN have 40 times the Testosterone than women.

    That's why Men are more violent, commit more crimes and tend to like going to war, and accumulating power.

    Oh and want to F anyting that moves.

  • flipper

    There have been rumors and whispers and murmurings about Matt Lauer's sexual behavior for years behind the scenes. You know, " his wife is going to divorce him, oh, wait a minute, no she's not, she took him back " - that kind of stuff going on for years now. My wife and I talked about this news about Matt Lauer - and we both were really not surprised at all. I just feel sad for the women who were and are his victims. And sad for other women who are suffering in this country due to the abuse of power by these politicians and well known sexual predators in the news. As Totally Add said it takes a lot of courage for these women to come out and expose these creeps

  • tor1500

    Hi ttdtt,

    Thanks for replying. Men are just different...they don't hear the same as women, they don't think the same as can say the same statement to a male & female...they will process it different...

    Jerry Seinfeld had a video called, "I'm telling you for the last time". Hilarious...He brings out that no matter how badly men behave they still have a woman....Charles Manson had more than can part their hair on the side because they are balding & still get a women....Now if a woman shows a little bit of age, because our society is so focused on youth, we dare not step to a man...the media is full of young tender women...plastered every commercial, books, mags. etc...our Society makes one feel bad that they are old...but old is what you get if you are lucky, the alternative is...DEATH...

    Men are driven by Testosterone's & they are visual...

    Men are just men...they are not the difficult to understand...they are basic humans...not as complicated as keep it simple, that's one of the things that I like about them...

    There are 3 sides to the truth...his, hers & the truth...

    I don't know who or what to believe have their agenda's and so do women...Did these women want to further their career and it didn't happen so they get mad and accuse...did the men really assault them ? I've learned in my life, don't step over a man's threshold, unless you are prepared for the next step...I'm not saying a man should expect something or force himself, but ladies, we got to be smarter...

    Again, this type of thing has been going on for years...older men need to be excited to perform and only young and fresh will do it for them ( I guess)...Many a younger man/boy has had sex for the first time with an older women...

    Nobody on here can deny looking at a young THANG...male or female...& have said yummy, but did not act on it, just said, "Wow, if I was younger"...

    Yet, if this is all true...I hope the women can get some type of closure....

    Could this trickle down to the org..


  • redvip2000
    Redvip, do you feel there is a difference from unwarranted touching a women and telling a women who you do not have a relationship with " would you like to f--k" is different? I feel they are both inappropriate sexual behavior. Yes all men have testicles and yes many men listen more to their little head over the big head. Still does not make it right. A real man knows how to control those thoughts and never take action on those thoughts

    You have to ask that question? If there is a difference between inappropriately touching a woman, and asking a woman if she wants to have sex? what in the world....

    Of course there is a difference. Men ask women to have sex all the time, and vice versa. This does not mean they see the other side as an object. They are just being direct. Of course not everybody is blunt like this. Now if the answer is no, then it should not extend into harassment. That is where I think the line is drawn.

  • sparrowdown

    Tor1500- "Men are just men...just basic humans..."

    You got that part right... basic as f**************ck... Lol. Now calm down everyone just kidding!

    Though I will say it seems to me that if they were to call out every man that has spoken crudely, leered at someone creepily or been "handsy" uninvited there would be no entertainment industry left.

    What you gotta remember is many young men get sexually harrassed and assualted by predatorial types also but men are less likey to report.

    FYI For anyone who wants to downvote - I'm NOT minimizing the impact on women and girls after all I am one and have experienced sexual harrasment and assault first hand #me too.

    I just see sexual pests and bullies as a problem for both sexes.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Thank you all for commenting. I gave every one a "like". For me this thread has been very educational. Many of the comments was frank and honest. Just as the title of a book about the differences in the sexes said "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus". It just shows we all have a long way to go. Still Totally ADD

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