Matt Layer of NBC terminated for inappropriate sexual behavior

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  • waton

    talking just not of Lauer, but Rose, Clinton & cie. , it is a question of culture:

    In some countries you could not hope to be elected or be prominent, if you could not prove to have mistresses or hidden dalliances. by the majority female voters too bsw.

    "affairs" from the French, [the thing] " to do" = a faire.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Sorry for the misspelling of Matt Lauer name. This damm computer changes the spelling of certain words. Drives me nuts sometime. Still Totally ADD

  • waton

    Sorry for the misspelling of Matt Lauer name.

    that was a master stroke! You do not lay your partners, willing or not, on a matt.

    as minimus noted earlier.

  • redvip2000

    More people jumping on the sexual misconduct bandwagon.

    What exactly does that term mean nowadays anyway? I'm beginning to think that practically any advance towards a woman now can be (mis) construed as being inappropriate.

    Let's say Matt Lauer went up to a woman and said "hey, I think you are hot, and I'd like to fuck you", is that sexual misconduct? If it is, then i suggest all men should start chopping their testicles off. It seems that's all it takes these days for someone to slap that label on it.

    If Matt Lauer really did something along the lines of touching someone inappropriately, or harassing someone after being shot down, or tried to coerce someone into sex, well then very well.

    But it seems these days "unwanted sexual advances", are prohibited. Meanwhile unwanted sexual advances is exactly what men do when they are trying to get laid. Sometimes it's wanted, and sometimes it's unwanted.

  • blondie

    Matt LAUER for alleged sexual harassment

  • LoveUniHateExams

    What is Matt Lauer alleged to have done?

  • waton

    blondie: if your German is still good: Lauer lag auf der Lauer. nicht mehr erlaubt.* Welcome back!!!

    * transaltion from alliteration: Lauer was on the prowl, not allowed any more!

  • Betheliesalot

    How ironic an interview, Maybe Bill can come back and interview Matt

  • _Morpheus

    Please take what im about to repeat as rumor only. Word here in DC is that lauer is accused of sexual assualt steming from an incident during the past winter olympics coverage. Again, this is the rumor floating locally and he innocent until proven guilty

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Redvip, do you feel there is a difference from unwarranted touching a women and telling a women who you do not have a relationship with " would you like to f--k" is different? I feel they are both inappropriate sexual behavior. Yes all men have testicles and yes many men listen more to their little head over the big head. Still does not make it right. A real man knows how to control those thoughts and never take action on those thoughts.

    Women are not object's for uncontrollable desires a man may have. Sad fact is many men do not think this way and many women have taken it for granted that all men act that way. A women work mate of mine several years ago told my wife and me when Donald Trump was accused of inappropriate sexual behavior that all men do that. I said I never have done that and my wife said no man has ever done that to her. She told us she knew I would never do that. The point I am trying to make is there is a big problem with many men's thinking and it needs to change.

    Let me get off my soap box. Blondie good to hear from you. Take care. Still Totally ADD

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