Individual Duds absolutely cannot learn the "truth" on their own"???

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Why is it that I understand the bible more clearly today then all my years in the organization (JW)????Many religious people believe the average person cannot understand the Bible..Maybe the reasons (1) they may have tried to study the Bible and found it difficult, so they gave up.(2) Maybe they believe truth is subjective;so whatever you believe,that is truth for you. There is no such thing as a single proper understanding of Scriptures.(3) Many have been told repeatedly by religious leaders that common people cannot understand the Bible. Only trained leaders can understand, so other folks must accept the word of the "official" interpreters. The information age has made the proclamation obsolete, don't you think????? Ministers will still have jobs but no BS from the pulpit, that's the problem with the GB........


    Only trained leaders can understand, so other folks must accept the word of the "official" interpreters.

    Not even them..

    Without WBT$ Literature that constantly contradicts itself with new teaching`s..

    No one would know WTF was going on..

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I would love to sit down with my JW family and ask them ,"what's the latest news from HQ, are we in the last days? Do you know what the hell is going on in your organization, do you have any idea????The problem with JW's they have moved from some what religious organization too a bureaucracy, following rules and routines blindly without thinking. So much for Free will.....


    NOPE!!! Any human that wants the "truth" must have the RNWT and the continual commentary of the Governing Body of the WTBTS Inc.

    Think of it this way: If a tribe of natives on a far off Island found a crate of Bibles that washed ashore, they would be doomed. They would need Jeehoober, the Great Theocrat, to send them the latest WT and Awake magazines!!!


  • Steel

    Christianity is technically about becoming the new person, the death of the old man, the spirit of christ living within you.

    Its not about knowing nutty and ever changing dogma all based on prophetic books of bible or who knows the most obscure and pointless old testament stories and it sure as hell about blind obedience to seven magical men.


    Why would anyone want to learn about the bible from an organization less than 150 years old? How would they know what the bible teaches?

    You would want to go to the folks who gave the bible. The folks who compiled it, protected it through the many centuries. The bible came after the apostles spread the word verbally. It's a collection of books that came after the church was already established...just saying

  • LostGeneration

    If you studied the bible on your own, you'd never come up with "overlapping generations" from 1914, blood fractions are a-OK and you shouldn't turn in suspected child molesters to the police.

    So yes, "the truth" can only come from delusional men making shit up with the bible as a background prop.

  • schnell

    Yeah. Apparently if you just read the Bible honestly and without prejudice, you could come across all the contradictions, misogyny, slavery, war crimes, rape, violent hatred for gays (not really homophobia, just hatred and slaughter) and maybe decide this isn't the god of love after all.

  • smiddy


    If any Christian wants to really understand the Bible as it is in Christendom today they should get the jewish perspective of it .

    39 Books penned by Jews dealing with the Old Testament covering a period of 4000 years .

    27 Books penned by , mainly Jews dealing with the New Testament covering a period approx.100 years

    Which group do you think has the more qualifications to understand the Bible more.?

    just saying

    Edit to add it all depends on what branch of Christianity you belong to also as many differ as to what and how many books actually belong in the Bible.

  • Diogenesister

    Smiddy agree 100%

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