New publisher card with no home address / 2019

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  • suavojr

    Sorry if this has been discussed but I cannot find any topic on this. I just saw my new publisher card and it now has my home address, date of birth and phone number removed. The elder said this was changed December 2018. Does anyone know why this has happened in the USA?

  • OnTheWayOut

    Your title says "no home address" and your comment says "now has my home address."

    I don't recall which it was. Which one is the latest- with or without your home address?

  • careful

    You missed the verb "removed." Three things are now removed: home address, DOB, and phone number. There are words (two more subjects) between "my home address" and "removed"—maybe this threw you(?).

  • stillin

    Maybe he worded it funny, but he says "now....removed."

    Ha! Careful beat me to it.

  • HiddenPimo
  • HiddenPimo

    Downloaded just now to show there is no address or phone number anymore

  • blondie

    Actually, it doesn't matter. Elders never seemed to know the addresses or phone numbers of publishers. They were always calling us, every 6 months or so, for other publishers info. I finally told one he should write it down in his important phone number book; somehow he thought I was being an upstart.

    There was once a time there was a list of all this info that the elders devised and shared with the other elders. But then the WTS evidently thought that was making it easy for the enemies of the WTS to find and persecute jws.

    Now it doesn't matter, they have your name and the internet to find you, and better databases than we have.

    No privacy act in the US, but if one is set up in US, changing the card info is the WTS making sure their collective butts are protected in case jws are made a target by the government.

    PS I remember some sisters would not provide their DOBs, I guess they didn't want people to know how ancient they really were.

  • WTWizard

    A good meal for my shredder. Let me get my hands on my publisher card, and that's where it will end up. That should solve that problem, for good--no address, no phone number, no date of birth, no nothing.

  • sir82

    Ditto on what was said above, regarding data privacy. In the US data protection laws are still pretty lax, but once we get a (relatively) normal functioning government again, it will probably be coming.

    Extra added bonus: JWs will spin this as "See! We are near to the great tribulation! Jehovah is protecting us! Now when the jackbooted thugs from the UN break down the doors of the Kingdom Hall and steal the publisher cards, they won't have our addresses! Praise Jah!"

  • BluesBrother

    Near the end of my having a card , the P O asked me to sign my card “ to comply with Data control regulations “

    I said I would sign it when I next shared in field ministry..... I never did.

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