New publisher card with no home address / 2019

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  • blondie

    How will the elders know where the jws who need encouragement live? They don't have me to call any more.

  • HiddenPimo

    How will they follow Acts 20:21, 26 as cited in the km 7/89 p.4


    5 When you find an appreciative ear, keep a record. Write down the person’s name, address, and any other information that will help in following through on interest shown. If you do not contact the interested person again after several tries, perhaps a change in the day or time you call would help. Do not be quick to give up on someone who has shown interest.

    6 The apostle Paul set a good example for us. He “thoroughly bore witness” in his assigned territory. Using the house-to-house record properly will help us to bear thorough witness in our assigned territory. And what joy we will have as many more become disciples of Jesus Christ! Thus, we will be able to repeat Paul’s words: “I am clean from the blood of all men.”​—Acts 20:21, 26

    Again the WT shows it is guided by Lawyers and not Holy Spirit...

  • blondie

    I remember an elder who would not keep NHs because they would be found the next time the territory was worked. When he worked my assigned territory, I told him to keep NHs or asked the person he worked with to do so. I used to go with a pioneer sister between 4:30 and 5:30 to try one last time to find people home; we kept it very brief. Everyone was nice and we would find them all home, maybe one not home again. Then we could turn in the territory with a clear conscience.

    Another elder said the god would make sure someone reached through angelic intervention; not in line with the WTS statement that not everyone had to be contacted for god to bring Armageddon.

    I guess he didn't keep on WTS thinking.

  • stillin

    Ha! I worked with a brother that was guided by Holy Spirit! "Something just tells me to stop at that house."

    Me "but it isn't in our assigned territory."

    Him "when the Spirit leads, I follow."

    Then it would be a dud visit.

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