Jehovah's house for Sale?

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  • JohnTron72

    When I drive by the Kingdom Hall I grew up attending at but, was Sold directly to a church, I get angry. The elders who handled the sale didn't even remove the Watchtower shaped bricks on each side of the sign near the street so, now they advertise for a Baptist Church. How many times as I grew up I heard things like: you should not do work ( such as clean carpets for a church) you wouldn't want to work at a Cigarette making plant or a facility that makes bombs for the military. Yet, it's ok to change hands of money directly to false religion so they can teach others Christendom's false religion and in affect, aid others to die at Armageddon? There is a double standard when it comes to this fact. In fact, there are 3 Kingdom hallls in my town that have also sold them directly to other churches knowingly so, it's the most common practice obviously. Well maintained Kingdom halls built with free labor and dedicated in Jehovah's name being sold directly to Satan's religions? Let me ask this way, if you were to hand a knife you personally as a Witness made to someone you knew was going to stab a child, wouldn't you be blood guilty? Then why is it ok to knowingly sell Kingdom halls to false religion which, will lead thousands of others to Satan's religions? Jesus got angry and turned over the tables of those making his Father's house a den of thieves outside the synagogue. What would he have thought if he saw his Father's houses sold to Roman Catholics or even a Satanic Temple just because the offer was good? Do halls built and dedicated to Jehovah suddenly just become fair market value with no concern who uses them,? What would Jesus Say?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    jehovah has left the building.

    (good first post by the way )

  • carla

    What would Jesus say?-

    Hallelujah! one less building holding false prophets and teachers. One less place using my name to hide pedophiles, protect abusers, and one less to break up families with their ungodly shunning policies. And the list could go on........

  • RubaDub

    They did the same thing here in South Florida (Ft Lauderdale area) when they sold our assembly hall to a spanish evangelical church. It was really a beautiful building that I did some work on 25 or so years ago.

    It was right next to the everglades and even had a pond in front of it (they had to fence in the pond at one point to keep the alligators out ... lol). If was full of fish and the water was crystal clear.

    So I guess the building that was once dedicated to Jehovah was then disfellowshipped for apostasy and we are to shun the building now.

    Rub a Dub

  • punkofnice

    Hello to you JT -

    Then why is it ok to knowingly sell Kingdom halls to false religion which,

    Well, all religions are false, so there is that. You touched on it when you said-

    it's ok to change hands of money

    Money is the real god of the cult. They need it so that the GovBod can protect their beloved paedophiles.

    When I realised it was just a big business pretending to be a religion in order to get luxury for the leaders, all the rest made sense.

    The watchtower is to be mocked and laughed at rather than a corporation to make you angry. Just laugh at their expense, they're too pathetic to get riled up about.

  • Giordano

    First off JohnTron your treating the JW and the Society as a sincere organization. It's not..... there is nothing..... NOTHING in their history that offers any real truth. Any real love.

    The WT Society was a poor door to door publishing house......... the religion came much latter...... It grew at a time when people were inclined to accept a message that added up to 'Millions living today may never die'.

    Of course everyone was a lie foisted by people who may never have graduated High School. No need for higher education........the 'end' was coming.

    Being a JW means living in a religious dump. A religion with no charity, no real hope of living a better life. It's rules and truth changes every year.

    It has convinced millions that they should never agree to a life saving blood transfusion. An interpretation that comes from a God who drowned every man, women and child even the unborn and every animal in the great flood.

    And your pissed off that a kingdom hall gets sold to another rinky dink religion? A kingdom hall built on the backs of it's followers....financed by it's followers who now will need to travel to a KH some distance away to attend a meeting?

    It's not that one religion, a militant religion is willing to justify making a profit off the backs of it's followers. The real truth is that the WTBTS leadership are cheats and liars.

    A KH makes a better drive-threw dry cleaners........... Or a Dollar Store.

    Some one has to pay the financial judgments handed down by the courts when the Society is found guilty of hiding it's Pedophiles with their two witness rule and their idiot Elders.

  • Half banana
    Half banana
    Do halls built and dedicated to Jehovah suddenly just become fair market value with no concern who uses them?


    Since the religion is failing the GB can sit back and reap the harvest the kingdom halls. It's one of the perks of being an "organised religion" where all of the funds go to HQ. The Watchtower know a thing or two about bringing in the "unrighteous riches".

  • dozy

    I remember being really p&&sed off when I heard a KH which I had given up several weekends to work on was sold to a Pentecostal group. I actually took on the CO about it , asking him if it would have been OK for Solomon to sell the tabernacle or temple to the local Baal worshipers? He just looked sheepish , admitting that he really didn't have an answer , but we shouldn't "criticise the brothers". It was another of those "eureka" moments that led to me eventually leaving.

    Ray Franz discusses this matter in one of his books , with some quite heartbreaking examples of JWs who were DFd for the most lame reasons for supposedly supporting Babylon the Great. The Org can pretty much do anything that an individual JW would be DFd for. Just hypocritical.

  • punkofnice

    The sold 3 KH's in my city. One is now an Islamic centre. One is an actual Mosque and the other is a Pentecostal church.

    The one they all meet in now is a former Plymouth brethren hall.

    It's cringeworthy but also hilarious. It should wake some up from the cult but they mainly buy into the cult hive mind of not criticising the paedophile protecting leaders.

    There is a KH that I expect will be sold soon too, either that, or it slipped the net.

    Never mind, when the GovBod need more money to protect and hide the child sex offenders they adore, it'll go.

    The 'Brothers' paid for the hall. They paid for the upkeep. They gave free labour. The Governing body get the money.

    Talk about a scam.

    Why is God so crap with money? Could it be God doesn't exist and it's all just men?

  • Hairtrigger

    Look at it this way... one bs religion selling to another!!!

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