What is the longest distance you drove to attend a summer Convention?

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  • Poztate
    Sorry, Poztate, it is 3,001 miles one way from Monterey to NYC. But we were ALL LOSERS stuck with parents who were religious fanatics.

    Second best again but maybe Canadian miles are longer than U.S. miles?? Yes just kidding.You and I were just forced into a religious situation over which we had no control with Parents who were victims of a cult.

  • ShirleyW

    In the 60's we had to sometimes travel to the assembly, in Baltimore and DC unless it was at Yankee Stadium. the summer of 1968 at the assembly in Washington DC, all four days the bathrooms were out of order, they were open, but they couldn't flush, these days I don't even think that would be allowed. But all the uber Dubs like my mother made the sickening, nauseating remarks like "other folks would've gone home but Jah's people met all four days with no problems". I was just a kid then, so didn't matter, but all those kids that were there and women and stuff, they used the nasty, filthy toilets anyway. Yup, only Jah's brainwashed people would meet under those circumstances and think they were receiving his blessings.

  • LV101

    3rdgen -- I was there about 1992-95. It wasn't nice weather but hot and miserable. 6 HR drive -- what were we thinking!

    Do you collect I Luv Lucy items -- re/your avatar? I thought she was the funniest person ever when I was a kid - many moons ago.

  • smiddy3

    We drove from Brisbane to Sydney roughly 500 Km, and took about 7-8 hours way back when depending on what route we took back then for an International Convention probably in the 80`s

  • dozy

    Slightly OT but when I was a kid ( maybe about 8 years old ) I was driven in the boot of an estate car for 3 hours to a convention on a sweltering day as our car was full ( my parents were giving a lift to a grumpy unappreciative elderly sister who moaned about her lot the whole way & never even gave my parents a penny for petrol ( gas ) ). It was incredibly uncomfortable. It stil p**sses me off to this day!

    We were going to repeat the process going home a few days later but I pulled off an almighty strop about it & thankfully my parents saw sense and some other JW family had the "privilege" to take her home. In fairness my parents were very apologetic about it & promised never to do it again.

  • Biahi

    My parents used the 1958 convention in NYC as their honeymoon. Lol

  • moreconfusedthanever

    When I was a kid my non JW father drove us the 1375km from Adelaide to Sydney in a campervan for the convention. I remember it was the year the My Book of Bible Stories was released.

  • blondie

    MCTE, now that is real driving, we met 2 guys from Australia during one of our western US driving tours, and found that they had started in San Diego, went up the coast then east through Canada, down the eastern seaboard, then west from DC and had reached Utah where we met them. They said it was no big deal, in Australia you can drive 1,000 miles and not see a soul let alone a gas station. They had to bring their own gas in the back of their truck.

    What a perspective!

  • blondie

    Hey Blondie, Maybe we stood for what seemed like hours in the same restroom line. LOL Or what about food and ice cream lines? Crazy times Huh?


    The drinking water delivery system was unique, remember? Metal pipes at adult and child height with constantly running cold water that bubbled up from holes drilled into the pipe at appropriate intervals. (The WTS probably did not want to be sued by people who got sick from dehydration). We did bring our own water in insulated jugs half-filled with ice and then water. Worked great at our seats.

    We brought our own food (when it was not "cool"), ate at a food stand across from our motel for breakfast and ate what was leftover from lunch for supper (between the afternoon and evening session, yes, evening sessions lasted until 9pm). Then when we got back to the motel, a snack and a dip in the heated outdoor pool until midnight. (My mother and another sister had wine).

    The only thing I remember about the restrooms is that there were lines all during the sessions, sisters and children that is. The 2 boys had it easy. My mother worked out the best time to go, before the song and during the prayer and not to wait until you felt like the floodgates of heaven were about to fall. We went right away at the convention when we arrived scoping out the best locations.

    There was a weather event combined with the smog (pre-PC laws) that kept the smog low and in the same spot. We got sick from that. Sun beating down during the day and when the sun went down freezing cold. Umbrellas for the sun, coats for the evening.

    We discovered Mexican food then, burritos, tacos, refried beans, etc. Still a big fan.

  • Vidiot

    All the way from central BC to Vancouver, one summer when I was a kid (mandated by the Org).

    Thank God we also turned it into an actual vacation, too.

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