What is the longest distance you drove to attend a summer Convention?

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  • Simon

    A few hours drive across the Pennines in a ford Anglia. Not sure the distance was that great, but it was an expedition at the time.

  • minimus

    We used to drive from Massachusetts to nyc for the conventions all the time and had to enjoy them for 8 days!

  • Zoos

    I was a kid (10 - 13 yo) living in Idaho Falls, ID, USA when the family towed a camper trailer with an old 70's model Plymouth sedan 850+ miles north to Canada to the Edmonton International Assembly. - - -

    - - - If you happened to be in an SUV-type vehicle who got hit on the front bumper by a drunk JW father driving a green Plymouth while looking for a parking spot....... yeah, that was us....... well, "HIM".

    Sorry. I wasn't awake then.

  • blondie

    3rdgen, you just described me at that time.

  • blondie

    I forgot that we drove from northern IL to Winnepeg, Manitoba. 770 one way

    1138 one way from WA to Pasadena.

  • Poztate

    I Win...From Red Deer Alberta (Canada) to New York City 1958. Total distance according to Google Maps 3919 kms or about 2400 miles one way. You had to love those 8 day ASSembles. Now people whine about the three day assemblies.

  • wannaexit

    Le't see:

    a few times we drove over 900 km. one way

    a few times we drove over 700 km one way

    Not to mention the dozen and dozen times that we went over 300 km. one way

  • 3rdgen

    Sorry, Postate, it is 3,001 miles one way from Monterey to NYC. But we were ALL LOSERS stuck with parents who were religious fanatics.

  • Gayle

    '58 to Yankee Stadium from California. Nobody I knew had a/c then (that started I guess in a Cadillac out that year). Stayed on a ship from Europe docked for the week that brought over European JWs who had hotels to stay. On ship, in lower decks the air ventilation wasn't very good on it, especially first day.

  • 3rdgen

    Hey Blondie, Maybe we stood for what seemed like hours in the same restroom line. LOL Or what about food and ice cream lines? Crazy times Huh?

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