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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    @Blondie--the pioneer stroll--exactly what we called it back in the 60's

  • tiki

    Wow.... They don't even try to fake it these days! Such a sad waste of time.

  • Alive!

    Another trick was to do not at homes, taking in turns to pick a call from our notebooks - and we’d end up going back and forth over town. Desperate to fill in the hours of the day.

    I was fully dedicated and was always stressed trying to meet the quota for selected aux pio months, running a business, managing my home.

    I actually loved most of the time out with different brothers and sisters, but I look back at how silly the hour fulfilment was.

    Most were simply trying so hard... others were just career pioneers who indeed did the Pioneer Shuffle, spent hours at calls where they knew there’d be a drink and biscuit and a seat - even when the call wasn’t really ‘on track’.

    Their title of Pioneer was their most treasured asset.

    It’s all quite sad really, on reflection.

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate

    Most JW's hate field serve us. That's why you see them walking like snails from door to door.

    In my area, it was known as the pioneer stroll.

    In our area it was the pioneer shuffle!

    In my area, it's known as gout.

  • Xanthippe
    Such a sad waste of time. -tiki
    It's all quite sad really, on reflection. - Alive!

    It is a sad waste of life, especially on a sunny Saturday. I remember when I was a JW calling on a mag route on a Saturday with my young husband and he said 'what are you doing wandering around the streets on a hot day like this? Get your shorts on and get in the garden!'.

    Well now I do! Yesterday I was driving to a national trust garden to have a nice walk round there then a coffee in their lovely cafe. I just wish my sister would leave the cult and do the same. She shouldn't have angina, she's very slim and a vegetarian! Stress is so bad for you, that cult is killing you. B please leave and enjoy your summer.

  • smiddy3

    lets face it the witnessing that JW`s/JW.Org boast about around the world is a big laughable joke..

    The most populous countries on earth how much of the population has even heard of a Jehovah`s witness. ?

    Pakistan , India ,China ,Indonesia ,,any predominant Muslim Country like Saudi Arabia ,the U.A.E. Egypt , etc,

    Where they do have any JW`s in any of these places it is only a token presence with very few members that can only talk to fellow christians and definitely not to the muslim people or you will lose your head as some Jw`s did a few years ago in a Muslim country .

    So really all they have achieved over all of these years is just poaching off of the back of the groundwork that christendom has laid before them centuries earlier..

    They have made next to nothing ,zilch , in converting non christians in their over 140 years preaching in which they claim to have witnessed in all the world when the facts show they would be lucky to have actually witnessed to a third of the worlds population.

  • RubaDub

    Michael Jackson made the pioneer walk famous when he introduced the Moon Walk.

    Rub a Dub

  • blondie

    RubaDub, I think Michael Jackson' Moon Walk, is much faster than the pioneer walk. I know you are telling a funny.

  • blondie

    I might add that a Filipino sister was visiting the congregation, and she told us we were going too fast. But then the weather in her home country tends to be warmer overall.

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