WT “Study” for 11th Sept 2016 – “Why Must We ‘Keep on the Watch’”?

by Nicholaus Kopernicus 35 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • StephaneLaliberte

    This new “arrangement” was among the many little frustrations that prompted me to leave. The main objective of Christian meetings is to encourage on another, but how can you do that if you barely have time to talk to anybody?

    When you have a family with small kids, by the time you are done with lunch, you have about 30 minutes remaining. And now that they expect everyone to sit down when the music plays, this leaves you about 20 minutes to reconnect with old friends and all. In the end, you don't have much time to talk. And if you do, now, you’re supposed to feel “spiritually weak”?

    You want to appreciate the music? You can listen to it at home, in your car, while jogging, even at work! Their priorities are all wrong!

    A lot of people who have “privileges” are too busy before and after the conventions to talk with anyone, hence, the best time to actually exchange is at lunch time. But they are yet again taking time off from that period. How are you supposed to have time to make new friends or reconnected with old ones?

    You end up talking saying hello and goodbye, smiling, shaking hands with everyone and not getting to any serious conversation with anyone in particular. Taking away the substance of any meaning full exchanges.

    It's not about people showing real love to one another, this “arrangement” is cultish at best.

  • Vidiot
    Bw500 - "Perhaps the GB are so insistent that people sit and listen to the music because they put subliminal messages in the music."

    Don't kid yourself.

    They're not that subliminal. :smirk:

  • freddo

    Classic comment at our hall from an 80 year old:

    "70 years ago we were told to keep on the watch because the end was close; and 30 years ago we were told the same ... so now we know it must be really close don't we?"

  • Vidiot
    "70 years ago we were told to keep on the watch because the end was close; and 30 years ago we were told the same... so now we know it must be really close, don't we?"

    Hoo, boy.

    That's the kind of satirical comment I'd be inclined to "innocently" make...

    ...just to f**k with the congregation members' heads. :smirk:

  • freddo


    Yes it would be a good satirical "innocent" comment to make but trust me this old girl wasn't being satirical; her mother got baptised in the mid-1940's and she (the daughter) would have been at meetings from then on, getting baptised herself about 1950.

    She has (as an adult) seen the unfolding of 1975, the generation, the non generation, the overlapping generation too. Where else can she go at her age?

  • fastJehu
    .... Where else can she go at her age?

    ... into a catholic nursing home


    The sanitised indoctrination and ....the cliques !

  • Gorbatchov

    Whaha great isn't it.

  • Not Jacob
    Not Jacob

    Meanwhile, it's perfectly acceptable for congregation elders to hang out in the lunchroom and chat during the session, or at the cleaning desk, or in the coat room, completely ignoring the ACTUAL TALKS.

  • hoser

    A comment from one of the ministerial servants today.

    "In light of the generation teaching we know we are very close to the end. "

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