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  • dbq407

    I find it interesting that the other night they announced that literature is not to be left indiscriminately. They said to only leave literature if the householder engages you in conversation. It used to be that they would try to get any literature into every hand of every person. Even leaving magazines in the doors when no one was home. They must really be trying to cut back on expenses if they are wanting to only leave literature with people who will have a conversation.

    Also they are redoing the monthly publisher cards to include placements such as: videos shown at the door, videos emailed to others, anything published by the wtbs will be considered a placement (tracts).

    So what i gathered was that they can print and place less material, but keep their supposed numbers of placement up by counting videos emailed, or watched, or downloaded from their website. Oh boy, i can see the placement numbers increasing now! Laughable really.

  • careful

    keep their supposed numbers of placement up

    Indeed, like those crazy "doorstep Bible studies" and the infant baptism they are working so hard to introduce.

  • OneEyedJoe
    They go back and forth on this. They want placements but I remember even 10 years or more ago they'd talk about "our literature is valuable" so only leave it if they'll read it.
  • Calebs Airplane
  • OneEyedJack

    Caleb that looks like a device for vaporizing the marijuana plant.

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane
    OneEyedJack... you're right !!!
  • dubstepped
    If they're going to track videos shown I guess that goes to show that they weren't tracking placements all of those years for inventory control as some claimed. That was for people control. So are the proposed changes above.
  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Oh great! More pressure on the rank and file JW members to get further in debt by having to invest in the latest electronic devices so that they can count 'video views' as placements!

    Its' so sad that the 'sheep' have to be loaded down and laden with guilt in this way by the organization!

  • Dunedain
    @ - JW Gonebad - Actually, if you think about it, maybe its not such a bad thing. Once, the already financially burdened, R&F buy all that expensive electronics, there aint gonna be any more money to put in the contribution boxes. Just another example of the fat pigs, on top, making stupid decisions that only backfire on the them, lol.
  • JWdaughter

    Working in employee benefits, we have printed and electronic versions of about everything as well as audio cds and dvds, downloads, electronic enrollments, all the bells and whistles.

    They never inquire about how or where or when we use any materials. Why? Our success is measured by our customer enrollments. We may get training, but all the numbers that matter are NEVER about our literature or link dispensing. Bragging about magazine distribution when it is basically free toilet paper is odd. It validates nothing so far as evangelizing. Yeah, the company inquires about which tools we find effective, but they can tell by our ordering patterns as we have freedom to get what works for us.

    Our hours mean nothing, likewise, to a anyone but us. We are responsible adults and some are amazingly successful part time and others couldn't sell the fountain of youth to Joan Rivers back a year or two ago. Those folks find other ways to support themselves. Yet JWs are supposed to show their love for truth by wasting their lives in a very unsuccessful endeavor that yields zip, zilch, nothing.

    Stupid business model. They could actually do good with all those wasted, counted hours.

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