Recent announcement on literature placements

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Maybe they received complaints about the waste from sanitation workers. A lot of

    trees are cut down for your worthless literature.

    So I guess there will be no more mags in the laundromats, Dr. offices and public


  • FayeDunaway
    Wait, there aren't going to be any more laundromat placements? What are the washing machines going to do without their spiritual food?? ;)
  • umbertoecho
    Therefore all a witness has to do in order to notch up more "time", is to go home put on a good DVD. Log onto the JW site and keep hitting replay, over and over again...... (muted of course). Or just read a good book and keep doing the replay .........
  • Sabin

    They are aware that with all the controversy about child abuse they are at some stage going to lose their tax exemption rights or pay out large sums of money to the authorities/victims. They are hiding it in off shore accounts under different titles so they cannot give what they don't have. "We would pay but we cant cause we don't have the money, it's not ours". It's quite simple to see when you realise that they are a money making business. It's got F...k all to do with God, he's nothing more to them but camouflage to hide what's really going down.

    They should be called the JAY-hovah's witnesses after the great jay of northern America, notorious for stealing.

  • pepperheart
    when does paper start going brown because of old age its well over 9 years because a lot of the teaching books that i get fro m the trolleys were printed that long ago
  • stuckinarut2

    That's a great "product" Calebsairplane.... BUT the pricing structure is incorrect sorry.

    Based on the recent changes, it would be more like this: "yours to use for just an ongoing monthly 'donation' of $299" (note, it still belongs to the society, yet you have the privilege of paying it off eternally!)

  • pepperheart
    the lack of money is really starting to take effect
  • thewalker

    When we received publications sent from the branch last month, we noticed there were fewer magazines and neither books nor special publications were sent.

    We were told in our last local needs part that we should show more videos and use the JW.ORG website. Don't know if that's happening in other places but brothers (especially those in their 60s and 70s) are very upset. Showing a video on a tablet when knocking doors is something ridiculous for them! Well, it's ridiculous for most in the congregation.

  • Vidiot

    At the rate they're going with KH sales and consolidations, they're gonna have to reclassify each individual JW family as a "congregation" to keep up the appearance of growth.

    In that vein, how about an app that lets them send PDFs of WT literature to householders' smartphones and tablets, and each download will count as a "placement"? :smirk:

  • processor
    send PDFs of WT literature to householders' smartphones and tablets, and each download will count as a "placement"

    Is that not what they're doing from January on?

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