Money! How much did you "Contribute" To The [email protected] When You Were A Member

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  •  The Bethelite
    The Bethelite

    Not very much for me. I was in full time service for six years including Bethel.

    Once I got out of Bethel, I figured I had already given them six of the best years of my life (ages 18-24) working as a slave/drone in their factory, so I rationalized that I had given them enough... so over the next 27 years I would say maybe $200 bucks is it.

    I think their whole "voluntary contributions" idea is biting them in the ass, because over all Jehovah's Witnesses are a cheap group people with a few exceptions.

    The concept is with many there is that "Jehovah will understand my situation and so let the rich brothers that Jehovah is blessing with abundance make up the difference!"

    As they said in the movie Cabaret "money money money makes the world go round"

  • millie210

    Too much

  • WTWizard

    I used to give them something like 50 toilet papers per a$$embly--and if they blew that, too bad for them. And, when they had one of those junk-build pledges, I gave about a cable-bill's worth (back in those days, a cable bill was only in the $30 area). I stopped doing that upon realizing I was getting negative value for it, and pledged not to as much as lift a finger for their new building or give even a penny. Within a few years (say, 1992), I totally stopped giving anything because joke-hova was giving me negative value.

    Let them be dumb enough to try that today with a pledge form. I doubt they will understand what I write directly on the line where it asks how much I pledge to give toward the worldwide enslavement work. And it will waste a form.

  • FedUpJW

    Too damned much!

    At one time, after coming into a sizable chunk of change when I retired early, I wrote a check to be specifically applied to the KH loan pay-off. That was just about the exact same time powers-that-be in Crooklyn wrote off closed end loans in favor of their "contributions" in perpetuity scheme. Of course the mid five figure sum of money quickly disappeared never to be mentioned again.

    Just recently as executor of my fathers estate I was unable to shelter his sizable financial investment portfolio before he died, and as a result the greedy b--tards in New York received a nearly seven figure bequest. The only thing I got in return was a letter asking if they could expect more! May they rot in Hell for their greed!

  • punkofnice

    I don't recall. If I was to be refunded, I could live in luxury on my own island.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Not a penny for years however an event upsets me even now years later.

    I sent £500 to help a kid who needed treatment in the US for a life threatening condition. Shortly after I had a letter of thanks saying that the little fella had not made it. So what happened to the money? They sent the money to the ever open gob of the London bethel.

    That was the last thing I wanted.

    I know, that pales into insignicance when compared to others but, i still grudge it.

  • Giordano

    Never a penny. There were the beliefs that I sort of embraced for about ten years......... age 12 to 22......... but never the Society. I knew them all from Knorr, Franz and the Adams boys. And others too stupid to remember..........You couldn't find a bigger bunch of dummies.

    Like the Bethelite said I gave them my time. Pioneering where the need was great......... holding down many positions in the Congregation. I never got back so much as a cup of coffee on an icy winter's day going out in field service....unless it was from a worldy person.

    Never a stipend when I drove 50 miles to and from a congregation ....... to give my free one hour public talk. To attend an assembly, to volunteer doing carpentry for a national assembly.

    I've lived long enough to see what has been happening to congregations who hand built their kingdom Halls, paid off their mortgages, got older and never received a dime from the WTBTS for medical help or groceries.

    What they got was to turn over their KH's and then instructions to vacate their beloved KH and drive to and from another KH a good distance away and bare the expense and danger In the winter instead of a five minute drive....... all because the Society needed to raise money to settle lawsuits. What does it feel like for an aging JW to see their KH turn into a commercial building or torn down?

    Never a penny.

  • LV101

    Too much and I want my money back - lying crooks! Between the member beggars and trying to own a cult library - providing work for losers and the money check in the drop box I would have had better odds at the sports book or roulette wheel with my eyes closed and I don't gamble nor know anything about it. I became suspicious when a big clique elder (most were very kind and nice but I didn't deal with any of them) spouted off of platform JWs were resolved to serve Jehovah whether the end was coming or not! WOW! No cubbies - nothin' in sight.

  • rickroll

    I never did, In fact when I was a kid my Grandmother would give me 5 or 10 to drop in the box and I would walk up to the box and on the way pocket the money and pretend to drop it in.

  •  The Bethelite
    The Bethelite

    Good Job! Rickroll!

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