elder bags.

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  • eyeuse2badub

    My my my how we use to impress the congregation with our large rolling "lawyer" brief cases. I think mine had a V-8 motor in it because it was so heavy!

    just saying!

  • DwainBowman

    You always could spot the MS's that were really sucking up to be elders, they would start using the elder bag's.

    I also thought it was funny, how someone, just appointed as an elder, would have an elder bag, within a week or two!!!

    There was a real fruit loop of a servant, in one cong, I was in. He had the biggest catalog "elder" bag made. He would get to every meeting 30 minutes early, and take up half the front row, with all of his book's and papers. spread on the seats on either side of him!! If he had only known what the elders thought of him!!!

  • sparrowdown

    The Elder's bags? In our cong they were known as the wives.

    Ooooh you said elder bags sorry my bad 😀

    Yeah they all had hideous big-ass bags for all their secret elder info.

  • steve2

    If JW elders cannot afford big, expensive late model cars, then they are forced to come up with an affordable alternate accessory that reflects their (self-)importance.

    But these come with “size”-mic risks :

    Just as the maxim, “the bigger the car, the smaller the dick” has proved unerringly true, so too the JW-elder variant has too: “The bigger the bag, the smaller the dick.”

  • wannaexit

    There are still some at the hall I frequent from time to time.

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