elder bags.

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  • blownaway

    Not sure if this was every where or just our area, but you could always tell who was big shit top dog in the hall elders by the size of their bag. My dad used to call them elder bags.

  • sparky1

    My Pioneer partner from over 47 years ago had one of these; as did his father and brother. Even though all of Watchtowers publications can be accessed on tablet, he still brings one of these to every meeting. It is full of books but he uses his tablet during the meeting. I believe that it is an Alpha Elder 'status' thing and perhaps he is making up for other male shortcomings.

  • DesirousOfChange

    It's like dick measuring.

    Cleaning the basement this week, I came across my bag (just like above). WTF do I do with it now?

  • burnedout
    Sparky, that picture is perfect! It is amazing to realize how such a simple photo triggers so many memories.
  • FedUpJW

    This is what one of the recent C.O.'s had. He would stroll in with this thing on wheels, look at the closest kiss-ass M.S. and say, "Here is my briefcase. Take it to a chair in the front!" And of course Brother Kiss-ass would do it with a big grin knowing he was "important".

  • ToesUp

    How many people in the congregation tripped on one of those bags because the Elders would put them out in the isle. We had one Elder who had his on wheels. The ole rolley bag! lol Like DOC says....dick measuring! I love it!!!

  • doubtfull1799

    Yep, seen many of those in time! The P.O. usually had the biggest....

  • blownaway

    So it was not just us. LOL Thanks.

  • waton

    contain mostly air. windbags owners and objects

  • punkofnice

    Image result for large briefcase

    I had this one when I was an elder.

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