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  • FedUpJW

    I heard from a PIMI friend that there was a letter read recently (perhaps just in the local circuit) about the return to in person circuit assemblies, and that there was a huge need for money. The "reminder" was that even though no assemblies had been scheduled or held for two and a half years that the costs for them had continued. WTF?? Even the PIMI person said they questioned that statement as there is no society owned assembly hall in this circuit that would need financial upkeep. So where did the cash go for those two and a half years? What were the expenses? No one seems to know or if they do will give an honest answer. It is all about the $$$$$ with this greedy corporation.

  • Foolednomore

    Longhairgal- Yes We are still on their radar. My family where very supportive of the trooth at first. But once we saw how we we were being used and abused, the buck stopped. They seem to be working on my elderly mother to get the rest of the family inline but it fails everytime. Police have been called, but since no real crime has been done despite their showing up for their unwanted calls to my home and businesses.

  • LongHairGal


    Sorry, but it sounds to me that they are inadvertently being encouraged to keep coming back because SOMEBODY is greeting them and exchanging pleasant conversation.. It might be small talk but it’s just enough to give them ‘hope’. Somebody is making a mistake at your end, I believe.

    Regarding your mother and them trying to use her ‘to get everybody in line’ 🙄: I believe you mentioned in another thread that your mother is failing mentally and that she’s not handling her own affairs. I remember when our Dad was failing mentally. (We weren’t Witnesses, but it’s applicable to anybody.) But, he was fast losing it and I remember getting on the other phone extension and telling off a very aggressive girl trying to sell him a car warranty. I told her to Never call again!

    While your family’s life is their business.. I could not tolerate nervy behavior on the part of anybody (no matter what company, religion, organization, etc.) who has been repeatedly told Not to call. In my opinion, and if it were MY business: an employee would be instructed to go and open the door and say we’re not interested. No other conversation.

    If it were my home: if I saw through the window who it was, I would NOT answer the door nor would I exchange ANY words through the crack. There would be dead silence. Maybe this needs to happen a few times before they realize it’s a lost cause. But, I will repeat: ANY conversation or greeting no matter how short is an encouragement for them to keep calling back!! Any phone calls would also be blocked. No communication.

  • enoughisenough

    FedUpJW as to cost of the assemblies had continued...I remember reading or watching a video, at all in circuits are assessed a seat cost if you will. I always wondered how come every assembly there would be an announcement on how the expenses for that assembly had not been met. JW owned the building and it was occupied most weekends, so with all the people and donations, how much does it cost to keep the utilities and upkeep of this building? It was a scam from the beginning as to what I remember being told when they were planning to build the assembly hall in Salisbury NC. We lived 4.5 hours away. (I pulled my elbow out of place working down there ) The story went like this...we would own the building so the circuit would save money by not having to rent National Guard Armories or civic centers. So the circuit was asked to pool manpower and money to help build this. We went from traveling 1-2 hours to a meeting place to 4.5 hours. (meaning motels for sure) I was told that building was paid for and more at or before the finish. They sold off enough plots around the property to help with that. So I was surprised when we get to this place all bought, built, paid for had high expenses...I know this experience isn't unique to me.

  • Foolednomore

    Longhairgal- I'm short to locking my ill mother in her room, but I can't do that. Some how they call her on the phone and invite themselves over. I need to have someone watch her 24/7. I'm glad I manage her money. I'm sure she would be handing the keys to castle to these clowns.

  • LongHairGal


    I’m sorry your mom’s in bad shape. It’s a distressing thing to watch a parent go through dementia. So, she’s the reason they are coming over! Just make sure none of your other relatives are making a similar mistake.

    Depending on how far gone she is mentally, you could change her phone number. I know I would DO this immediately to solve the problem of unwanted people of any sort trying to contact a vulnerable individual.. But, if she’s not at that point yet, you will have to manage the problem carefully and tolerate the intruders.

    If it were me, I would privately tell off these people because I wouldn’t want JWs in my house and would be bothered they were there. I wouldn’t be able to relax.. If they are going to be nervy and take advantage of a situation where they know they are not wanted, I would make them feel very uncomfortable.

    Again, I’m glad you say you are managing the purse strings in view of all the obvious requests for money. 👎

  • enoughisenough
    had written something and having trouble this.....
  • smiddy3

    I can never understand why the Creator of the Universe always needs money invented by imperfect people?

  • hoser

    The brother giving this talk at bethel looked really nervous and uncomfortable giving this talk. He might be a pimo and can’t handle the cognitive dissonance

  • punkofnice
    TBK -
    1. How many times a month does the Watchtower ask for money?
    1. How many (what percentage) or articles ask for money?
    1. How many videos (what percentage) ask for money?

    The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind.....the answer is blowin' in the wind.....

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