Will there be enough good questions on JWD now that minimus is gone?

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    MINIMUS the most prolific poster on JWN (JEHOVAH'S WITNESS DISCUSSION FORUM) died on Aug. 15, 2021. Unnamed and anonymous, he posted for a good part of twenty years. He died at age sixty five, unexpectedly.

    Announcement made concerning the passing of MINIMUS. (SLIDE FORWARD 2 HRS 7 MINUITES IN)

    The sad part about his death is that all of his EX Witness friends never knew who he really was. I knew him personally remembering back when he was a toddler growing up in a very poor area of Lowell, Massachusetts. I knew his mother, his brother, former wife and all of his Jehovah's Witness friends.

    MINIMUS served as an Elder and was much appreciated by the congregation, he was courteous and considerate. He at one time was my "Book Study Conductor" and later confided in me that while he was an Elder he would go to the library and look up the critical, sinister history and events in the Watchtower.

    One of the main reasons he turned "Apostate" was the Watchtowers teaching that only Jehovah's Witnesses would survive Armageddon. He said he met some really nice people going "Door To Door" and could not accept that Jehovah would kill them and their families for not becoming Witnesses.

    MINIMUS was a unique man, he had a radiant, glowing personality and was a "straight shooter" and many of times we could agree to disagree. If he walked into a room everyone would take notice, he was assertive, compellingly confident.

    MINIMUS went on to be a successful business man in the community .He started from 'scratch' and was very knowledgeable in his field. His customers loved him and he loved them.

    MINIMUS, in the mid ninety's helped me to leave the Watchtower Organization. I purchased my first computer from him, and he immediately introduced me to JWN (JEHOVAH'S WITNESS DISCUSSION FORUM) I learned a great deal of information from that site, scandals, cover-ups, history of the Watchtower Organization. It was comforting and encouraging just like on this site, exjw, to be able to communicate with others who are distancing themselves from the Watchtower.

    I will be contacting MINIMUS' family members to get more information, and next week on my newscast we have a tribute to the "One And Only MINIMUS".

    Rest in peace, MINIMUS; I will miss you, your friend Rick Fearon

  • suavojr

    RIP my Minumus. We will miss him

  • IWant2Leave

    i’m fairly new here, and i too miss Minimus.

    Maybe we will meet somewhere, someday.

    No one living today can say with 100% certainty where we go when we die! That’s why i made the above statement. If you’re in heaven Minimus, ask lots of questions. God doesn’t mind! RIP


  • WingCommander

    Oh day-yum!!!!! I've been on here since 2002, and he was an absolute staple of this forum.

    He will be sorely missed.

  • Diogenesister

    Did you notice with Min, after posing the question he always allowed the space for others to post their own views before launching in with his own straight away??

    I really appreciated that🥀

  • OnTheWayOut

    If I said there weren't enough good questions before Minumus was gone, would you all recognize that's a tribute and a dig at the same time?

  • Gorb

    We will miss him.


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