I made a bet...

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  • LevelThePlayingField

    At any rate, the elder will try to win you over with his Watchtowers and his scriptures and really, I think that he has good and pure motives, really I do. But in the end he won't have a leg to stand on because we have the real truth about the organization. That the org is tainted and that they have been hiding behind a web of lies for a looong time. So, in the end, like I said, in the end he will say to you, "have faith in the organization." There will be no actual basis for such faith but none the less, to have the faith in it. And that will be the only argument that he has in the end. No real concrete proof or evidence of anything unfortunately.

  • Finkelstein

    To really stump him, quote the Scripture in the bible where Jesus admonished any of his true followers to not set a time on God's own sacred time and mention all the specific dates the WTS calculated going back to 1874 when Jesus was first said to return.

    While your pointing this out also mention that the WTS deliberately devised these dating doctrines as a means to proliferate the literature the WTS published themselves.

    To top it off quote all the scriptures in the bible regarding not listening to false prophets or be in abiding support of false prophets.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I made the same bet with my JW family members 20 years ago.

    I'm still waiting, they never got back with me. The last I heard from

    another none JW family member "Satan got a hold on me".

  • NeverKnew

    I spoke to an elder in 2011 about 607.

    This college educated gentleman told me he would try and make the time to research my concerns...

    at the local library. 😒

  • jwfacts

    You cannot win, because JWs have two opposing answers for every situation, along with a number of thought stopping statements, and when all else fails, change the topic.

    Anything that stumps the elder will be met with responses like;

    • "your information has come from apostates, it cannot be trusted"
    • "wait on jehovah/new light,"
    • "Satan is testing you,"
    • "Jehovah is testing you,"
    • "I will do some research and come back to you."
  • Sabin

    I would ask why the org appoints men to positions of privilege when they are aware that they are child molesters? Why they have allowed men to continue to serve in positions within the congregation even after they have confessed to child molestation? Why has the org not informed the cong of their decision to let child molesters serve as appointed men? When he tries to answer use the Guidelines for Branch Office Service Desk & January 1st, 1997 W.T. & only those.

    Then read Mark 2:9, & ask "what is it easier to say," this is Gods Org, or, God approves of child abuse."

    Then punch him straight on the nose. LOL (joking)

  • nicolaou

    It's not often that I respectfully disagree with Paul (jwfacts) but this time I do.

    Carefully plant enough seeds of doubt and, given enough time, some will germinate.

    Stick to one point at a time and politely refuse to move on until it has been answered. Stay calm and keep conversations short.

    Of course, most times it will end in frustration but I can't be the only one here who can trace his exit back to an original conversation that gave me enough doubt to eventually type Jehovah's Witnesses into Google.

    And Paul, that's where you win.

    Good luck.

  • punkofnice
    In her mind you've already lost. As far as she's concerned, you just won't admit it. For you to be right may be too much for her to comprehend. Good luck, though.

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