Over eating v over drinking

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  • dubstepped

    I always wondered about this too. Not only gluttony that made one unhealthy and obese, but what about my dad the elder that couldn't stop eating sugar and killed himself with it? The guy was non-compliant with medications, didn't make changes needed, lived in denial his whole life, all of the symptoms of alcoholism but without the alcohol, which is sugar too. He never drank like his alcoholic parents, but he killed himself with sugar. That was okay though. He could still be an elder, still give public talks, still sit in judgment of other people's problems, etc. I remember him once talking about how ridiculous nicotine patches were and how a person should still be disfellowshipped if they couldn't quit cigarettes without a patch even if they weaned themselves off it. Yet when it came to what he put in his own body, he was all good. It always bothered me.

  • Finkelstein
  • sir82

    When I was in, I couldn't understand why the subject of over eating or gluttony was almost never discussed,

    there was countless talks and articles about over drinking but over eating is lumped in as the same offence

    in the Bible but was never discussed?

    LOL - do you really have to ask?

    Just check out the Golden Trough Corral on a Sunday after a meeting - you'll see feats of consumption that would make a hippo blush.

    If "overeating" were enforced as a DF sin, there wouldn't be enough elders to form all judicial committees needed.

  • eyeuse2badub

    It's f*cking amazing how the wtbts 'cherry picks' what is and what isn't a serious sin.

    just saying!

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    I've 'studied' with an elder that would make himself these HUGE honking triple decker pickle sandwiches smothered in mayonnaise. This of course was done halfway through the study AFTER I had already stayed there for supper.. ( they were racking up the hours off my back ) Kind of guy that would go back for a second fully loaded plate. Was truly something to behold, never seen anything like it not even in 'the world' so to speak.

    The supper and sandwich binge evening was the last one there for me, I peeled out really pissed after !

    Him and his wife were / are obese. Once went in service with them in my MK2 Jetta and they filled the whole car, pretty gross hehe

  • LOLS

    Well my JW Husband and his entire JW family are all obese , so much so that his mother can hardly walk .

    His Father drinks like a fish & his mother drank so much that she had a stroke a few years ago & know suffers from Short term memory loss .....

    Both his sisters are FAT and they blame it on having children .....

    His brother is large & his sister in-law is as wide as she is tall & as lazy as a sloth .......

    My Husband says he eats cause of stress ....

    Yet the funny thing is my husband has told me many times he would never Date or be married to a fat person WTF....

    But hey they can do as they please crazy bunch .......

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